VENTOMATIC® FFL-4C automatic loader for closed truck and containers

VENTOMATIC® FFL-4C automatic loader for closed truck and containers

Automatic loading for closed trucks and containers

How do you load closed top trucks and containers? Traditional solutions can be risky and inflexible. The VENTOMATIC® FFL-4C is an intelligent, automated solution that eliminates the need for slow, messy manual logistics. Instead, you get fast, flexible loading that protects your personnel and your product.

What we offer

Fast. Efficient. VENTOMATIC automatic truck loader for closed top trucks and containers

Are you looking for a better way to load closed-top trucks and containers? Traditional manual solutions using standard forklift trucks are slow and dangerous, putting both your people and your product at risk. But there is another way. The VENTOMATIC® FFL-4C is a totally automated solution. It transforms the way closed top trucks and containers are loaded. Pallets or stacks are simply fed from the warehouse, palletizer or from an automatic storage and retrieval system (ASRS) direct to the FFL-4C, which uses a smart loading system to transport them into the container – without touching the container floor. A 40-foot truck can be loaded in less than 20 minutes, so it’s fast – but it’s more than that. It’s safe. Your product is protected. Your people aren’t at risk. And it’s flexible. You can load pallets, jumbo bags, pallet-less stacks, and any kind of stackable containers.

VENTOMATIC® FFL-4C automatic loader for closed truck and containers

Key Benefits

Safe and speedy automatic truck loading


Low-risk logistics

Just one operator is needed to supervise operation of the VENTOMATIC® FFL-4C. With no more manual intervention required, you completely eliminate the safety risk posed by traditional loading solutions. And it’s not just safer for your personnel – your product is also protected by the gentle motion and careful handling of the FFL-4C. The stacks are lifted and placed rather than pushed into position, so there’s no risk of damaging the container either

Fast and efficient

With up to 30 loading cycles per hour, and up to 5000 kg per loading cycle, the FFL-4C offers a fast, efficient loading process. The interchangeable loading fork can be configured for either palletized or palletless stacks, giving you total flexibility to switch between different products and packaging methods.

Easy installation

All equipment is installed on the ground floor, so there’s no need for complex civil infrastructure. In fact, installation and commissioning couldn’t be easier. The system is supplied pre-wired, pre-assembled and pre-tested, so you can get straight to work.
Product Features
High performance closed truck loading
Incredibly efficient
The truck positions itself in front of the machine The system verifies the correct positioning of the truck and confirms there are no possible obstacles inside the container / closed truck. This check is performed before each stack is pushed into the truck. The operator starts the loading sequence based on the dispatch requirements from the user-friendly HMI A 40-foot container is typically loaded in just 20 minutes The system integrates with both your palletiser software and your plant logistics SW to ensure you always select the right product. It can be fed either direct from the palletiser, from the warehouse via standard forklifts, by an ASRS, or a combination of these.
Interchangeable fork modules
The VENTOMATIC® FFL-4C can be supplied with two interchangeable fork modules, which enable the handling of a variety of stacked and palletised goods.



VENTOMATIC FFL4C automatic loader

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