Carbon Capture in cement

Carbon Capture in cement

Carbon capture - essential to achieve sustainable cement. Carbon capture is essential to achieve a sustainable global cement industry – which currently accounts for 7-8% of global carbon emissions. Through our new industry partnerships, you get access to solutions tailored to the cement industry - offering a significant leap forward in our joint efforts to deliver on the sustainability ambitions for the industry.

Making carbon capture available for the cement industry

To accelerate the green transition of your business, we have teamed up with leading carbon capture experts to adapt several different CCUS solutions to the cement industry. The development of new carbon capture solutions is progressing rapidly – some are ready for deployment now others require additional research and development. Some needs adaptation for individual industries as the integration varies across cement-, steel- and heating facilities. In collaboration with our partners, we bring you the best solutions for the cement industry.

Economically profitable permanent CO2 capture solution available today
Carbon8’s Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT) is available to the cement industry today. The containerised system – the CO₂ntainer – captures CO₂ directly from process gasses and combines it with cement bypass dust to form lightweight aggregate, with various applications in construction. The mobile and modular system allows for seamless integration into your cement plant, in an efficient and cost-effective way. Learn more about it here.
Economically profitable permanent CO<sub style="bottom:0">2</sub> capture solution available today image
Cryogenic Carbon Capture targets over 90% removal of CO2 emissions
The new collaboration between FLSmidth and Chart joins the two companies’ efforts to adapt and commercialize Chart’s Cryogenic Carbon Capture (CCC) for customers in the cement industry. Read more about it here.
Cryogenic Carbon Capture targets over 90% removal of CO<sub style="bottom:0">2</sub> emissions image


Carbon capture optimization service

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