QCX® Advanced Quality Control Systems

QCX® Advanced Quality Control SystemsQCX® Advanced Quality Control Systems

Reach a new level of cement production quality control

Bring your cement operation into the future with QCX/BlendExpert™, our advanced quality control software. With cutting-edge tools such as 3D modelling technology, our suite of quality control applications helps you better understand and adapt your raw materials, leading to cost and emissions reductions and big gains in efficiency and productivity.

What we offer

Increased production stability and higher profitability

Do you want superior, steadier raw meal quality, cost-efficient additive control and reduced fuel consumption? Advanced quality control systems minimise variability in raw material proportioning – but not all do it equally well.

QCX® Advanced Quality Control SystemsQCX® Advanced Quality Control Systems
Top-quality chemical control you can trust
Our latest generation of QCX/BlendExpert advanced software helps cement plants to rise above the many challenges of consistently producing high quality products at a lower cost. With QCX/BlendExpert, the complex task of controlling varying raw materials is no longer manual. We have taken cement production to a new level. Increasing productivity. Becoming more sustainable. And enhancing product quality. And with over 700 QCX/BlendExpert applications in operation around the world you know it delivers high quality results – all day, every day.
State-of-the-art technology
QCX/BlendExpert™ is an advanced suite of software applications that performs the complex task of controlling the raw material feed to stockpiles, raw mills and cement mills, or other blending systems. By performing sophisticated analyses of the chemical conditions and automatically adjusting the set-point of material and additive feeders, QCX/BlendExpert gives you superior quality control and greater efficiency. And greater control adds to your sustainability. The package has a range of applications, with optional add-ons to complement the system’s capabilities: QCX/BlendExpert – Mill QCX/BlendExpert – Pile QCX/OnlineExpert Now in its eighth version, QCX/BlendExpert uses the latest control technologies, such as model-based predictive control. Together with today’s powerful PC processors, the software is capable of very complex process simulations and estimations.

QCX® Advanced Quality Control Systems

Superior chemical control giving your cement plant a competitive edge

Product Features
A high-tech quality control system designed specifically for cement production

From the quarry to delivered cement, the QCX/BlendExpert suite of applications optimises your operation.

Advanced blending technology
Its sophisticated algorithms take the accurate analysis from the laboratory XRF, and integrate this with the high frequency, but less precise online analysis results. Taking a range of other process parameters into consideration, the software then continuously corrects the bias of the online analyser to create highly accurate, real-time estimates of chemical composition. Based on these results, the system constantly adjusts the set-point of material and additive feeders to achieve the ideal blend. Driving productivity, and delivering substantial quality improvements.
QCX/BlendExpert software works in tandem with our package of other QCX® quality control solutions, including QCX/AutoSampling and QCX/RoboLab. But it is still compatible with most other plant control and quality control systems, or it can be operated as standalone software. It can be installed on a standard PC, either physical or virtual. It is designed to work in tandem with QCX/Reporting giving you extensive reporting, trending and alarm handling capabilities.

Because QCX/BlendExpert can estimate the fast-varying chemical composition of our fly ash, we can now make special cements which was impossible before.

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Superior Chemical Control - QCX BlendExpert

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