Gear services

Gear servicesGear services

Gearing up: services to enhance reliability and productivity

When it comes to mechanical power transmission, the gear unit – such as the MAAG® CPU – is vital. It can be difficult to assess and repair but it needs to run safely and reliably, often under harsh conditions. With MAAG Predicta online condition monitoring services and MAAG MySentinel service agreements, we ensure you achieve the highest overall equipment efficiency, independent of the brand.

What we offer

Improve gear unit condition and performance

Gear units are often pushed to their limits and are subject to extreme wear and tear over many years. To keep your gear unit working effectively, you need high-quality and high-value solutions and services. Our service and maintenance products are provided by highly experienced gear specialists, who work with you to achieve optimal equipment availability and uninterrupted production. With our services, maintenance costs become more predictable. We also share knowledge with your maintenance staff, helping you to keep your gear unit in optimal condition. We offer a complete range of gear overhaul and repair activities for all parts, including rotating parts, bearings, and designed components. This includes: Dismantling parts and evaluating their health Repairing and replacing parts Assembling and function testing

Improve gear unit condition and performanceImprove gear unit condition and performance

We help prevent future equipment failure through:

Vibration measurements Visual inspections - looking at abrasive wear patterns and gear tooth pitting Online condition monitoring

Key Benefits


Smooth gear unit start-up

We can assist with all aspects of installation and start-up of new gears and gear replacements. In addition to technical know-how, our service engineers can advise you on-site about achieving a reliable operation. We can also train your employees while commissioning. Together, we can design installation and commissioning plans to suit your specific needs and ensure a smooth gear unit start-up.

Reduce the risk of gear failure

Significantly reduce the risk of a breakdown by using our gear inspection services to determine the status and condition of your gear unit. Many of our services can be performed during normal operation, including condition-based preventative maintenance and root cause analysis. We help prevent future equipment failure through: Vibration measurements Visual inspections - looking at the abrasive wear patterns and gear tooth pitting Online condition monitoring If equipment does fail, your biggest concern is naturally how to get it up and running again as soon as possible. However, discovering the root cause of a gearbox failure is just as important because it prevents further unplanned machine downtime. Our experienced specialists use the latest technology to troubleshoot and problem-solve all kinds of gearboxes.

Staying in top gear: overhaul and repairs

Even well-serviced gears require an occasional overhaul to prevent accumulative wear. Proactive planning means you can schedule a shutdown to tie-in with normal fluctuations in product demand. We take care of all calculations and gear designs, and coordinate closely between engineering and services. Examples of overhaul and repair jobs include: Complete parts dismantling Parts condition evaluation Parts repair or replacement Rotating parts Bearings Designed components Commodity components Assembly and function test For kiln and ball mills, we offer services on open girth gears, including: Delivery and replacement of shell sections below girth gears Delivery and installation of a girth gear, pinion, fixation system and drives Change or reversal and alignment of a girth gear, pinions and drives

Easy plug ‘n play solution for Symetro

Do you have a Symetro gear units boast high efficiency, a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance. But if your Symetro gear unit does eventually wear down, new rotating parts based on the latest technology are the ideal plug ‘n play solution. The new rotating parts fit easily into the existing gear casing. You can also use the existing bearing housings and torsion shaft. No civil engineering is required. Erection is easy and takes less than two weeks, and you can start at 100% load.



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