PIACS® DC4 Controller

PIACS DC4 ControllerPIACS DC4 Controller

Newest automatic control system for electrostatic precipitators

PIACS® DC4 electrostatic precipitator controller has been developed by FLSmidth Airtech with unique and powerful features, enhancing the user experience and remote servicing, while securing the required low dust emissions.

what we offer

The best ESP control systems and user interface

FLSmidth Airtech’s PIACS® DC4 control unit for Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) provides plant operators enhanced utilization of installed power, meaning a higher ESP efficiency and performance. The fast, powerful and energy efficient microprocessor delivers the best-in-class ESP control experience, improving the ESP performance by its fast reactions to plant operation fluctuations. PIACS® control system is used in over 3,000 ESP installations worldwide and has continuously evolved over the last 40+ years and it will continue to do so. Our controller uses a patented method to quickly detect back-corona, when dust resistivity (specific electrical resistance) is high and addresses also the process fluctuations. It features an enhanced stability monitor for ESP and process optimization. We enable superior ESP performance with improved spark detection and a patented fast voltage recovery system. Also, our controller helps you save energy using a built-in energy management control system (EMCS).

PIACS DC controllersPIACS DC controllers
Custom-made control systems and complete or partial retrofits
Our PIACS® DC4 package is available for new ESPs, or it can easily be upgraded from your existing controller, in a manner that fits your needs. We have successfully upgraded existing ESP control systems starting with the first generation of PIACS®, as well as upgrading systems from other manufacturers.
User experience like never before
Our newly designed controller, emphasizing on the user interface, makes it more intuitive and user friendly. The 15.6” touchscreen combined with distinct visual layers, clear text, symbols and icons simplifies the system navigation. We have built in rich content paired with efficient functionality, allowing you to seamlessly discover and smoothly transitioning without losing context.
Built-in ESP manager
Our built-in ESP manager eliminates the need for extra IT equipment (such as external computers or special software packages). With the new PIACS® DC4, it is now possible to access the ESP control interface through a built-in ethernet connection. This allows your maintenance staff and our specialists to connect and service/troubleshoot the equipment remotely.
Unique service facilities
It offers several unique service functionalities that help you to maintain the ESP high voltage (HV) system including a built-in help menu with troubleshooting tips. Service tasks are addressed using a 4-channel oscilloscope and the firmware updates are easily made via the USB port. There is a self-diagnose tool for the panel and the I/O controller. For testing purposes, manual controls of firing angle and ESP current are available. With the PIACS DC4 controller you can also detect and log failures inside the ESP. By using a 4-channel trend log, all essential operating values, an alarm log and a history log can be recorded. You can access current voltage curves (CVC’s), either in automatic or manual mode and customize the event log for specific parameters/configurations that are important for you. What’s more, you can easily export CVC’s, trending data, logs, events and scope data to an ftp server or via a USB memory card. Finally, your system configuration can be fully backed-up and restored easily.

Key Benefits

A modern ESP control system that is user friendly, flexible, easy to operate and maintain


Intuitive and user friendly

With an intuitive user interface it is clear and simple for you to navigate the system and access additional content and functionality without losing context. With several configuration options, you can customize the event log for specific parameters that are important for you and export key data, such as CVC’s, trending, events and scope data to ftp or USB memory for additional analysis or reporting.

Flexible, simple to install and operate

Compared to previous generations of PIACS controllers that were built for each section of the ESP, we designed the DC4 series with an expandable I/O system. Our design offers an almost limitless modular system and fully customisable control panels that can be tailored to your needs. Additionally, almost all parts can be used in both single and three phase T/R systems. This means you save on spare parts, keep track of fewer parts, and only require one order number. Also, transitioning between single and three-phase T/R system is easy.

Easy troubleshooting

With a built-in ESP manager we offer access to the ESP control interface through a built-in ethernet connection removing the need for a computer or external device. Maintenance staff and our experts can service the equipment remotely. Additionally, we also offer various service packages, including 24/7 support via remote access from our customer service offices.



PIACS DC4 Controller

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