PIACS® DC4.1 Electrostatic Precipitator Controller

PIACS DC4 Controller

Better technology, better user experience

The worlds best ESP controller just got better. By continuously evolving the PIACS® technology and improving user experience, we have developed an enhanced ESP control unit that secures your production: PIACS DC4.1.

what we offer

Best-in-class ESP control

● Remote support ● User friendly, easy to monitor and troubleshoot ● Meet environmental regulations while saving time and money The PIACS® control system is used in over 3,000 ESP installations worldwide. Continuously evolved and updated over more than four decades, the latest PIACS DC4.1 solution includes a range of state-of-the-art features that ensure it remains the leading ESP control system on the market today. Compatible with all ESP applications, its fast and powerful microprocessor delivers a best-in-class control experience: ● Reacting quickly to process fluctuations and back corona. ● Ensuring the most efficient use of installed power. ● Delivering optimised ESP performance.

PIACS DC4.1 controllers

Key Benefits

A modern ESP control system that is user friendly, flexible, easy to operate and maintain


Enhanced user experience

A professional interface, distinct visual layers, and seamless motion help the user intuitively understand and interact with the system. Touch and discoverability heighten the user experience and enable access to functionality and additional content without losing context. Transitions provide a sense of depth as you navigate through content. From the operator main menu, you can easily view the status of the ESP and control all key parameters, simply by tapping on the relevant icons, including: ● High-voltage ● Rapping gears ● Heating ● Purge-air systems ● Dust transport The latest PIACS DC4.1 system features an updated touch panel with more powerful and responsive processor, larger storage capacity for enhanced trend logging, higher-resolution display, and improved hardware supply security. The new display is backward-compatible with all existing PIACS DC4 systems.

Unique internal measurement

Improved ESP voltage and current measurements are achieved via an internal measuring board in the terminal box of the high-voltage rectifier. This improves spark detection (detecting sparks that otherwise might not have been detected) and provides the ability to react to real sparks, improving ESP efficiency. The benefits are faster, more efficient utilisation of installed power and, ultimately, even lower dust emission.

Remote service and support

With the latest PIACS DC4.1 controller, there is no need for an external computer or specialist software. It is instead possible to access the ESP control interface through a built-in ethernet connection. This allows plant maintenance staff to service the equipment remotely, increasing ESP reliability. We also offer various service packages, including 24/7 support via remote access from our central Copenhagen or local customer service office. With client permission, our expert engineers can remotely access and control the PIACS DC4.1 system to provide urgent troubleshooting and assistance – particularly useful for clients in remote areas.
The latest functionality

The PIACS® DC4.1 includes a number of advanced features that further improve ESP control operations:

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PIACS DC4.1 Electrostatic Precipitator Controller

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