PFISTER® Rotor weighfeeder spare parts eCatalogue

PFISTER rotor weighfeedersPFISTER rotor weighfeeders

Spare parts eCatalogue for PFISTER rotor weighfeeders

PFISTER rotor weighfeeders deliver reliable and accurate dosing in even the harshest of conditions. But even the best machines require maintenance to keep them performing at their best. The spare parts eCatalogue provides on-demand access to the spare and wear parts you need, when you need them.

What we offer

Simplify spare parts ordering for PFISTER rotor weighfeeders

When your production is on the line, you don’t want to deal with complicated spare parts ordering systems. Which is why we’ve simplified the process for PFISTER® rotor weighfeeders with our spare parts eCatalogue. Quick access to spare and wear parts is thus critical to keeping your production lines running – and avoiding that unwanted downtime. We keep a large number of spare parts in stock for this very reason. And with our PFISTER spare parts eCatalogue, you now have a quick and easy way to search for and request the spare parts you need. Requests via the eCatalogue receive priority processing to enable a quick purchase.

Simplify spare parts ordering for PFISTER rotor weighfeedersSimplify spare parts ordering for PFISTER rotor weighfeeders
How to order your spare parts ?

The process is easy. Simply select the type of rotor weighfeeder on the eCatalogue homepage. The service is currently available for PFISTER DRW, FRW, and TRW-D/S spare and wear parts. Then select the parts you need and add them to your quote with the serial number of the weighfeeder. Don’t know where to find the serial number? No worries. Download our illustrated guide on where to find it. 

After receiving your request, we will typically respond with a quote within two working days.

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PFISTER® eCatalogue

Discover simple spare ordering with the PFISTER spare parts.