Emission control

emission control
When it comes to air pollution control and staying ahead of environmental regulations, we can help you achieve compliance without limiting the plant performance. Learn more about our expertise, capabilities and solutions to reduce emissions of: Dust / particulate matter, Hydrogen chloride (HCl), Mercury (Hg), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Sulphur Dioxides (SO2), Total Organic Carbons (TOC).
Emission control innovations from the industry's largest R&D facility

What does FLSmidth Cement offer?

With our 140+ years of experience in developing innovative technology, we will help your plant comply with all environmental regulations – now, and in the future. From project development to after-sale services, we consistently deliver excellence in air pollution control. FLSmidth Cement solutions include:

  • Particulate removal technologies, such as ESPs
  • SOX and HCl reduction technology
  • Low NOX technology

As industry leaders, we are at the forefront of emission control research and development investment. We work hard to discover the most cost-effective solutions to help you meet local environmental regulations.

In our early years, our technology efforts were concentrated on the removal of dust particles. This means that our systems have become a driving force toward a cleaner future for many different applications including cement, steel, pulp and paper, waste to energy and power.

Whether in our research and development department or in collaboration with universities and customers from around the world, we work tirelessly to develop new technologies and improve on existing ones. This allows us to respond in a more timely fashion to both customer requests and environmental legislation. To ensure a long lifetime for parts and components and to keep costs for replacement parts to a minimum, we also conduct extensive stress and wear testing of our equipment.

Meeting emission guarantees
We are not satisfied until you are, which is why we give you performance guarantees based on a precise assessment of your plant and the experience we have collected from more than 8,000 APC systems installed. For new equipment as well as existing equipment, we utilise the latest in computational fluid dynamics-based (CFD) predictive modelling software to estimate the actual levels that will be achieved once the plant is operating at full capacity. Our CFD simulation technology is very accurate thanks to our more than 20 years validating modelling with real field results. For existing APC equipment, we measure emissions and make recommendations on how to improve our current solution.
Worldwide emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOX) cause a wide range of health and environmental effects, such as smog and the reduction of air quality in urban areas. Because of these negative effects, the World Bank and many countries are imposing increasingly tougher environmental restrictions on NOX emission. Most new kiln systems, however, are pushed to their limits, with strong, hot burning zones that result in high thermal NOX generation. NOX is also released from oxidation of nitrogen compounds in the calciner's fuel. Therefore, it is essential that the kiln process is not compromised and that they remain in compliance with emission regulations. Our preheater installations for new cement plants include the proven Low-NOX Calciner, which provides for high levels of NOX reduction from both thermal and fuel NOX. For situations in which primary abatement techniques aren’t enough, we also offer secondary abatement techniques, such as Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR).
Industries served
Our extensive process knowledge enables us to design the right configuration to your industry-specific application. We have installed APC systems in many industries, including: Cement, Lime, Pulp & Paper, Iron & Steel, Copper, Alumina and bauxite, Nickel.