ECS/CemScanner™ preventive maintenance services

ECS/CemScanner kiln shell monitoring system ECS/CemScanner kiln shell monitoring system

Are you looking after your kiln shell monitoring system?

The ECS/CemScanner is a valuable tool in your preventive maintenance arsenal – so long as you look after it. A simple programme of small maintenance tasks will ensure your CemScanner continues to deliver the accurate kiln shell temperature measurements you rely on.

What we offer

Maintaining high accuracy – CemScanner

When was the last time you checked on your CemScanner? This crucial instrument is notoriously reliable – but it’s not indestructible. A build-up of dirt could blind the scanner head. A knock could push it out of alignment. Would you know if the temperature measurements were a few degrees out? All instruments require recalibration and a good cleaning to make sure they can perform as they were intended. The CemScanner is no different, which is why we’ve put together a simple maintenance package to take care of your CemScanner. As part of your annual maintenance routing, schedule a visit from FLSmidth to perform a thorough ‘once-over’ to ensure that the measurements you’re getting reflect the reality in your process.

ECS/CemScanner kiln shell monitoringECS/CemScanner kiln shell monitoring
Our CemScanner preventive maintenance services include:

• Calibrate scanner head • Check and correct scanner alignment • Replace filters, clean window, and cabinet • Check electrical and network connections • Review available software service packs and hot fixes and install as necessary • Complete review of the operating condition of the complete system (servers, clients, network) to find current or potential problems • Windows event and performance logs • Network monitoring • Security vulnerability analysis • Review with engineers and operators the current functionality for bugs, and areas that need improvement • Improve and enhance the system as necessary to ensure the system is meeting the user needs • Review alarm and event logs and take corrective action as necessary • Check system configuration • Customer training • Additional services are also available, such as implementing automated kiln shell cooling fan control, and enabling your CemScanner to communicate with your data historian and analytics systems.

CemScanner componentsCemScanner components



ECS/CemScanner preventive maintenance services

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