Comprehensive plant audit

Comprehensive plant auditComprehensive plant audit

Understand ways to optimise your cement plant

Gain insight into how your cement plant is performing, and make sure your production equipment is operating at its best. A comprehensive cement plant audit will help you successfully optimise processes and ensure your production lives up to its true potential.

What we offer

Evaluate total plant performance – from quarry to cement silo

You might seek an audit to help you with decreasing production or insufficient product quality. Perhaps you have noticed higher heat and power consumption. An audit can evaluate processes and production methods and help you identify areas for improvements, the feasibility of upgrades, and the potential for reducing emissions and maintenance costs.

Evaluate total plant performance – from quarry to cement siloEvaluate total plant performance – from quarry to cement silo
Depending on your specific needs, a comprehensive plant performance audit can include:
Raw meal grinding audit Fuel grinding audit Pyro process audit Cement grinding audit Mechanical equipment condition audit Lab audit Special focused audit A pyro process audit at a plant in India increases productivity
Advanced analysis
As well as evaluating the performance of your laboratory processes and equipment in a lab audit, you can also take advantage of our state-of-the-art laboratory to analyse any issues related to process chemistry more precisely. We can analyse all raw, intermediate and finished cement materials and fuels, as well as perform physical testing of cement. We offer advanced techniques such as clinker microscopy, X-ray diffraction and different types of thermal analysis, which are typically not available at a regular plant laboratory. Comparing our results with those of your laboratory also helps you to identify whether the data you are using to make process decisions is as accurate as you need it to be.
Apply practical recommendations to improve your plant
Following an audit, you receive a comprehensive report containing a general evaluation of your plant and of the performance of each production area. The audit report includes conclusions with well thought out, practical recommendations, including short-term and long-term solutions for improvements. 



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