Double probe system for filter protection

Double probe system for filter protectionDouble probe system for filter protection

Safeguard filter protection with continuous gas analysis

The DDOP Double Dry nOn-cooled Probe for preheater exits provides continuous monitoring of explosive gases. Designed with two probes so that one is always in use, the DDOP eliminates high-risk blind periods, safeguarding personnel and equipment from fire in the filter/ESP.

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Safety and interlocking gas analysis system for filter protection

The DDOP monitors explosive gases such as CO and CH4 at the preheater exit, some of the harshest operating conditions of any process. High levels of particulate matter necessitate frequent cleaning, and for single probes this means brief periods without measurements. These brief periods present a huge risk. If the worst happens, the damage can be catastrophic. An explosion in the ESP could cause extensive damage to the filter and put people’s lives in danger. The DDOP eliminates this risk. The double probe design ensures there is always a probe in operation, giving you continuous gas analysis with no blind periods. Protecting your personnel and equipment. Securing operational reliability. The DDOP also assists in the identification of possible leakages. It enables the comparison of measurements in the kiln and at the preheater exit. This information supports operators to optimise plant performance. While the DDOP safety and interlocking gas analysis system works with any filter air pollution control arrangement, it is ideally suited for use with electrostatic precipitators (ESPs), where pre-filter continuous gas analysis is especially important. Having installed more than 4000 ESPs worldwide, we understand the operational risks involved. The DDOP was designed with these factors in mind. It connects directly to the ESP so that, in the event of a high CO peak, power to the ESP can be cut, and the risk of explosion avoided.

Double probe system for filter protectionDouble probe system for filter protection
SDOP - a single probe option

A single probe option is also available for operations where continuous measurement is not essential. The Single Dry nOn cooled Probe (SDOP) has the same benefits as the DDOP – precise measurement, filter protection, etc. – but will require brief breaks in operation for the automatic cleaning of the probe filter.

Key Benefits

Concerned about ESP explosion prevention? Choose a continuous solution


Continuous gas analysis

With two probes, the DDOP gives truly continuous gas analysis. While one probe is in use, the other is being cleaned, ready to go into action when it’s needed. There’s no downtime, no blind periods, and no blank holes in your data.

Detect potential hazards

Monitoring explosive gases such as CO and CH4 enables you to detect potential hazards before they become dangerous. The pyro process can be unstable. If something’s not right, both plant equipment and personnel are at risk. Aside from the obvious concern for employee safety, there’s also the danger that equipment will be damaged, leading to long-term shutdowns and lost business.

Safety and efficiency

Using probes in the kiln and at the preheater exit allows you to keep an eye on the process and make adjustments to the burning balance to ensure safety and efficiency. The data generated will also enable you to optimise plant performance.

Easy to install

The DDOP is easy to install, operate and maintain. As a SIL2-ready filter protection system, it can significantly reduce the risk of explosion in the filter/ESP. Plus, it’s designed to withstand the harshest, high dust conditions. Regular cleaning ensures the life of the equipment, without interrupting performance.
Product Features
DDOP: a complete filter protection system

DDOP is specifically designed and used for interlocking kiln burners, fans and a double dry non-cooled probe, a probe cleaning panel, heated sample lines, and electrostatic precipitators. It consists of: a double dry non-cooled probe a probe cleaning panel heated sample lines, and a GASloq™ gas conditioning unit. DDOP is non-cooled and consists of two separate filter probe tubes. The double probe configuration allows sampling from one probe while the other is cleaned, resulting in true continuous gas analysis and protection from CO/CH4 peaks. As the gas is extracted from the process, a 180°C heated sample line prevents condensation from occurring before the gas reaches the GASloq gas conditioning unit. The GASloq system is equipped with two parallel sampling systems that draw gas from each of the two probes. It sends the gas to one common set of analyser units at high speed. During the cleaning of one probe, the other probe continues the analysis unaffected. The gas conditioning equipment can be supplied in a secure GASloq CUBE site shelter, if required. Many plants require safety and interlocking systems to be SIL2 approved. If you need this level of protection we can deliver to these requirements.



Gas Analysis for Filter Protection

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