Strike-Bar™ Crusher

Strike-Bar™ CrusherStrike-Bar™ Crusher

Reliable, low maintenance impact crushing with the Strike-Bar™ Crusher

Reduce the effect of wear, lower impact crushing operating costs with the FLSmidth Strike-Bar™ Crusher. With 2,600 tph throughput capacity, it crushes material larger than 2 metres and 4 tonnes in a single rotor operation, combining advanced technologies with 50 years’ experience in crushing for cement production.

what we offer

Robust strike-bar impact crushing system achieves 1:40 size reduction

The FLSmidth Strike-Bar Crusher is a high-speed impact crusher designed specifically for the cement production process. Based on our proven technology, it is built to reduce the effect of wear in a harsh operating environment. With it, we aim to help your production operations achieve their true potential. The Strike-Bar Crusher is just one impact crushing solution within our complete family of crushing equipment. It is the perfect choice for crushing large rocks in a single rotor operation. It combines the latest crushing technologies with our extensive experience in crushing and cement production operations.

Strike-Bar™ CrusherStrike-Bar™ Crusher
How it works
Our strike-bar crusher is available in a wide range of sizes. With a throughput capacity of up to 2,600 tonnes per hour, the crusher handles lump sizes larger than 2 metres and 4 tonnes (1:40 size reduction). Raw material enters the crusher through the integrated apron feeder. In the first part of the process, the material is crushed by impacting. Then, it is sheared by compression between the strike bars, breaker plate and grinding plate. The durable springs and adjustment systems eliminate many common stoppages and minimise equipment damage. In the rock crushing process, reliability and durability of equipment are key operational factors. Impact crushing equipment bears the brunt of constant impact and wear as it is constantly subjected to strong forces from large, heavy quarry materials. There are clear economic advantages of increasing wear parts’ lifetime and making maintenance easier.
Reducing total cost of ownership
We aim to help you as a cement producer lower the total cost of ownership of your equipment. When it comes to impact crushers, our product developers focus on increasing the life of wear parts as well as simplifying maintenance throughout the crusher’s lifetime.
Easy to install
The carefully designed housing consists of easily manageable welded sections. The four main pre-fabricated sections can be quickly put into place on-site to get you up and running without delay.
Easier, low-cost maintenance
In many impact crushers, wear items, such as strike bars, liners and breaker plates, usually need to be replaced frequently. It can be difficult to slow the wear rate of these consumables, which pushes up costs and the overall maintenance burden. We see this as a significant source for savings. This is why we have designed a flexible, well-designed strike-bar crushing system using highly durable material. This maximises utilisation of wear parts before they need replacing.
‘Five-minute’ alignment
Ensuring correct alignment of the gap between the rotors and breaker plates is crucial to achieving the desired size of crushed material. Standard impact crushers can take up to several hours to align, but our entire system can be easily aligned in just a few minutes thanks to the adjustable hydraulic cylinders, significantly reducing stoppage time. Throughout the lifecycle of your crushing equipment, we can provide the support necessary to ensure it delivers on its promise.

Key Benefits

Maximise cement production with heavy-duty impact crushing


Low total cost of ownership

The combination of our heavy-duty, reliable technology and unique design for easy maintenance means that the FLSmidth Strike-Bar Crusher achieves a low total cost of ownership over a long lifetime. the as well as simplifying maintenance throughout the crusher’s lifetime. And, we have enabled quick and easy replacement of wear parts to cut potential downtime.

Long wear life

We have lengthened the wear life of several critical aspects of the impact crusher. The interchangeable and segmented strike bars are useful for up to 50 percent of their original weight. And, the breaker plate and grinding plate are made of highly durable, robust material made to withstand the constant impact and movement.

Easy maintenance

Several important features make our Strike-Bar Crusher easy to maintain, which reduces lifetime costs. The wedge fastening system and easy-to-open main housing allow you to quickly adjust and rotate the strike bars, for example. All exposed surfaces are lined with bolted-on wear resistance plates for extra durability. Access hatches ensure easy inspection and access to interior wear parts.

Greater production capacity

The crusher has a throughput capacity of maximum 2,600 tonnes per hour and reduces lump sizes larger than 2 metres and 4 tonnes by up to 40 times. This ability to handle a high capacity and large feed size ensures your cement production operations can meet the intended capacity.
Product Features
Advanced impact crushing design for reliable, long-lasting performance

The FLSmidth Strike-Bar Impact Crusher is based on our proven technology, boasting features that reduce the effect of wear in a harsh operating environment.

Unique strike-bar design
Special to the strike-bar crusher are the interchangeable, segmented strike bars, designed to increase wear life significantly. Each segment can be easily interchanged, rotated and repositioned. Interchanging between four different positions makes each strike bar usable for up to 50 percent of its original weight, which is a significant saving. Wear parts in other systems typically need to be discarded at a much earlier stage, which is both expensive and wasteful.
Rotor and drive system
Key to our Strike-Bar Crusher’s performance is the robust rotor and drive system. As the heart of the crushing system, the strike bars are mounted on the rotor system. It is designed with three principles in mind: Easy replacement of the strike bars, Maximum inertia in the top of the rotor, Protection of the non-wear parts The drive station is based on a proven gear solution – designed for a small footprint and easy maintenance. It includes safe-set coupling and a multi-joint shaft for easy alignment. The rotor design delivers maximum inertia for the crushing process and can be easily replaced with minimum downtime.
Multiple breaker and grinding plate
The crusher features a multiple breaker and grinding plate system in conjunction with a single rotor. Raw material is efficiently reduced to the required size. You can be sure that no oversized particles will leave the crusher.
Hydraulic and spring positioning system
Our Strike-Bar Crusher is the first crusher that greatly minimises overload and eliminates stoppages. We have achieved this with a unique combination of hydraulic positioning adjustment and spring dampening system, an innovative development that reduces maintenance time. The system consists of several hydraulic cylinders, each fitted with a hollow piston containing a spring system. The springs are carefully pre-tensioned to withstand impact during crushing operations. All breaker and grinding plates can be adjusted to compensate for wear and to fine-tune the output product by means of hydraulic cylinders. Together with the durable spring system, which helps prevent overload, this eliminates common stoppages and minimises equipment damage. The breaker and grinding plates are easy to pull out for inspection and maintenance. As a safety measure, a slide rail system supports the plates inside the crusher even when the breaker and grinding plates are disengaged.
Easy to access
Due to the wedge-fastening system and easy-to-open main housing, you can quickly adjust and rotate the strike bars. All exposed surfaces are lined with bolted-on wear resistance plate for extra durability. This ensures easy inspection and access to interior wear parts.



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