CompactClean™ Electrostatic Precipitator

CompactClean™ Electrostatic PrecipitatorCompactClean™ Electrostatic Precipitator

A downsized ESP solution that is still tough on dust

Large ESP projects aren’t necessary for all applications. Where effective dust emissions control is needed on a smaller scale, our CompactClean™ ESP solution deliver the highest standards of dust collection efficiency with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). Flexible layout. Fast installation. Strict emissions limits. Compact design.

what we offer

The modular ESP: Low-TCO air pollution control

Production industry is under pressure to improve environmental performance. Air pollution control measures such as electrostatic precipitators are an essential means of reducing dust emissions, but can be challenging to implement. The cost and installation time for a regular ESP can be prohibitive for smaller applications such as those in district heating, biomass or power boilers, lime kilns, brick ovens and special metallurgical processes. But these applications still require the highest standards of emissions control. Our modular ESP solutions offers the lowest total cost of ownership and are engineered to deliver industry-leading efficiency and performance. They match fabric filters in efficiency, delivering reliable dust emission control down to 5 mg/Nm3 . The flexible modular concept utilises a high degree of standardisation, bringing the cost right down. With maximum preassembly in the workshop, the installation period is simplified. It is now a matter of weeks rather than the usual months for a conventional ESP. The modular concept is based on our experience of more than 4000 conventional ESPs installed. We have used our approved high quality main components in order to offer well proven technology. The majority of spare parts are exactly the same as in our conventional ESPs to the benefit of your inventory.

CompactClean™ Electrostatic PrecipitatorCompactClean™ Electrostatic Precipitator

Ideal for biomass applications

The CompactClean ESP is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized biomass boilers (1 – 50 MW), whatever the fuel type. Whether you are upgrading an existing biomass plant or installing a new one, you can be confident of complying with emissions limits with this ESP, which meets the MCPD (Medium Combustion Plant Directive) European regulations as standard and can achieve even more strict emissions limits on request.

Key Benefits

Compact and cost-effective: the ideal ESP for small-scale applications


Preassembled, pre-erected

ESP modules are assembled at our workshop, including pre-erection of all the internal systems and finished hopper and casing wall ready for insulation at site.

Easy container transport

Internal systems are locked temporarily and the modules are placed inside standard containers for shipping by land and sea.

Standard modules

Modules have a fixed footprint and a variable height depending on gas flow size. All sizes utilise the same key-parts and same number of key-parts. This brings down the cost of the units.Modules have a fixed footprint and a variable height depending on gas flow size. All sizes utilise the same key-parts and same number of key-parts. This brings down the cost of the units.

Installation in weeks not months

By undertaking the maximum degree of workshop preassembly, customers benefit from shorter on-site erection time and thus a significantly lower total cost.

High quality low cost sourcing

We utilise specialised workshops in China and India to source the modules and key-parts at the lowest possible cost while keeping the quality high. FLSmidth inspectors visit the suppliers to conduct random checks and follow-ups on regular basis.
Product Features
Vast experience leads to cleaner performance

Flexible and fast ESP installation according to your specifications: We are offering three module types, enabling a number of flexible combinations. Modules can be combined in series and parallel configurations and the module height is flexible, covering a range from small to medium volume flows. Our expert process team will work with you to define the total number of modules needed to meet your specific dust control requirements.

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Benefits from several existing FLSmidth products and features, including: Proprietary microprocessor controls (PIACS® DC4), enabling the modular ESP to react efficiently to process variations. This ensures that outlet emissions remain low even under challenging conditions. A remote service is also available High-voltage Fibulax® electrodes for specific process and operating conditions – maximising utilisation of power input and increasing efficiency Optimised rapping systems with standard tumbling hammers for cleaning screens, collecting plates and electrodes efficiently



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