STANEX Diaphragm for Ball Mills

STANEX Diaphragm for Ball Mills

Forget drama. This ball mill diaphragm’s as reliable as they come

Are you looking for a ball mill diaphragm with a long and problem-free service life? Are you interested in high productivity and high efficiency in your grinding circuit? You’re in the right place. Our STANEX diaphragm is designed to offer all this. And it can be installed on both new mills or when refurbishing an existing one.

STANEX Diaphragm for Ball Mills

A ball mill diaphragm for the modern cement plant

An inefficient ball mill is a costly weight on a range of cement plant KPIs – from the bottom line to the environmental footprint and the quality of product. Getting the ball mill right is therefore vital to ensuring a plant is as productive and profitable as possible, in the most sustainable way possible. We understand this – and we also know how to get the most out of a ball mill. We should - we've been supplying ball mills for over a century with over 4000 of our mills now installed globally. With this experience comes deep process knowledge. And we combine the two – experience + process knowledge – to offer mill products that ensure your mill gives you the best possible performance. It’s why we’re here. Which is where our STANEX diaphragm comes in. We’ve taken what we know to build a ball mill diaphragm that not only offers long and trouble-free service life, but also helps to boost ball mill performance with high productivity and high efficiency. This not only helps to reduce ball mill operating costs but also improves the sustainability of mill operations – two essential aims in the cement industry today.

STANEX Diaphragm for Ball Mills

Key Benefits

Long life and high performance. For all ball mills.


Long-lasting and trouble-free operation

Made with highly wear-resistant alloy steel, the STANEX diaphragm is built for long life and low maintenance requirements. Because you have better things to be worrying about than your ball mill diaphragm. We also designed adjustable lifters that make is possible to maintain appropriate material level in the preceding compartments, helping to avoid excessive wear on the grates, shell liners and ball charge – reducing overall mill maintenance requirements.

Higher ball mill productivity with reduced operating costs

With a range of features that ensure it runs productively and efficiently, the STANEX diaphragm reduces operating costs and improve the sustainability of your milling operations through lower energy consumption, reduced maintenance and replacement requirements, and higher productivity.

Available for all ball mill sizes

We’ve also designed the STANEX diaphragm so you can enjoy its benefits whatever the size of your ball mill. It’s available for all mill diameters in both metric and U.S units. And because the segmented retainer is bolted to the mill shell with a single row of bolt holes only, it can also be adapted to different drilling patterns in existing mills, without making extra holes.
Product Features
A robust and reliable design
Built to last
To ensure long-lasting operation, we build the STANEX diaphragm from materials that can stand up to the high-wear conditions of a ball mill. The grates are made of a highly ductile and wear-resistant heat-treated alloy steel, while the lining plates facing the fine grinding compartment are made of 50mm thick heat-treated alloy steel. This gives you an estimated service life of up to 18,000 hours for the grates and 36,000 hours for the plates, when producing ordinary Portland cement from clinker and gypsum. Meanwhile, the lifters are radially and individually adjustable, making it possible to maintain appropriate material level in the preceding compartment and helping to avoid excessive wear on the grates, shell liners and ball charge. The sturdy design also includes retainer ring of cast-steel segments, bolted to the mill shell, a heavy supporting plate with spacer pipes, and a steel front plate, bolted onto the pipes for rigidity.
Built for efficiency and productivity
The adjustable lifters also help to optimise grinding performance and improve mill efficiency, as does the large grate area, which enables a high circulation factor. And the 8mm slots in the grates have a slightly conical design, with increased width in the direction of flow, to minimise the risk of blockage. Meanwhile, the large centre opening contributes to a low pressure drop, improving energy efficiency, and the short built-in length of the STANEX ensures longer effective mill length compared to other diaphragm types.



STANEX diaphragm for ball mills

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