Comprehensive hot kiln alignment

Comprehensive hot kiln alignmentComprehensive hot kiln alignment

Hot kiln alignment: a pillar of your preventive maintenance strategy

Unplanned kiln downtime is costly and damaging – so let’s eliminate it. Our hot kiln alignment service is a vital part of your preventive maintenance strategy, helping you avoid unscheduled stops. Using advanced tools and analysis, we identify the root causes of kiln problems, enabling you to act before they escalate.

What we offer

Comprehensive kiln analysis with hot kiln alignment services

To keep your kiln operating at maximum efficiency throughout its entire service life, you need in-depth, accurate knowledge about its condition. A hot kiln alignment helps identify potential causes of failure before problems occur, giving you the information you need to avoid any unforeseen breakdowns. The better your maintenance programme, the greater your kiln availability. A comprehensive hot kiln alignment involves a visual mechanical inspection, including geometric and dynamic measurements. It also includes an engineering study, where we calculate stresses in the kiln and determine if there is overload, taking into account all the current operating conditions and the measured kiln axis. Everything is done during normal kiln operation, allowing you to continue production, uninterrupted.

Comprehensive kiln analysis with hot kiln alignment servicesComprehensive kiln analysis with hot kiln alignment services
Identify root causes of issues
Some plants find themselves continually treating symptoms, unable to get on top of the real issues. This leaves room for the root cause of the problem to escalate, causing untold damage and even unplanned outages. A hot kiln alignment, as part of a preventive maintenance approach, allows you to identify the root of the problem, so you can stop wasting time and resources fighting fires, and get back to optimum productivity. Our comprehensive hot kiln alignment focuses on four areas that are typically at the root of kiln problems: Kiln axis Kiln shell ovality Axial balance Kiln crank
Easy to understand visual diagnosis
Using state-of-the-art software, we create detailed, interactive 3D models of your kiln shell, letting you easily see any areas of deformation or weak spots. Different colours allow you to visualise kiln shell deformations and the varying degrees of severity, giving you a clear diagnosis of the state of your kiln shell. These insights are vital in identifying issues related to lining failure or kiln crank. We include these interactive models in your final report, helping you to effectively plan your preventive maintenance.
Improving availability adds value
An unexpected kiln stop is very costly. Typically, a comprehensive kiln alignment investment is paid back simply by avoiding one unplanned stoppage. In addition, by having a better understanding of your kiln condition, you can improve your spare-parts planning. A kiln alignment will help identify the parts you should keep in stock, reducing your material asset budget.
Create a maintenance schedule with minimum downtime
Armed with all this information, you have the knowledge you need to plan your next maintenance shutdown to minimise costs and duration – a distinct benefit. As the final key part of your kiln alignment, we’ll present a comprehensive report containing all our findings, measurements, conclusions and recommendations, including short-term and long-term solutions for improvements.
Expert insight from an OEM
As an OEM with decades of experience and thousands of references worldwide, we bring an added element to all our comprehensive hot kiln alignments: unrivalled expertise. We channel all this experience and knowhow into the kiln engineering study, which combines the results of our work on-site with engineering load analyses to determine if the kiln is overloaded. We call it a behind-the-scenes-study as it can reveal overload, highly stressed items and allow for you to take action before issues arise. Again, these insights are invaluable to getting the most from your kiln – and to planning for the future.