Wave grate for SF™ and Multi-Movable Cross-Bar® coolers

Wave grate for SF™ and Multi-Movable Cross-Bar® coolersWave grate for SF™ and Multi-Movable Cross-Bar® coolers

Designed to reduce power consumption and maintenance costs

Operate and maintain your SF™ Cross-Bar® cooler or Multi-Movable Cross-Bar® cooler more efficiently by switching to the Wave Grate. The new grate is easy to maintain, has an increased wear lifetime, and reduces power consumption. Once installed, you only ever need to replace the upper grate, which is fast and straightforward.

what we offer

Cooler grate delivers a fast return on your investment

Get hassle-free grate maintenance and reduce your annual operating and maintenance costs. Wave Grates, in comparison to the original grate design, typically result in a return on investment in less than one year.

Wave grate for SF(TM) and Multi-Movable Cross-Bar® coolersWave grate for SF(TM) and Multi-Movable Cross-Bar® coolers
Save power
Want to reduce cooler-fan power consumption? The Wave Grate design reduces airflow resistance through the grate, which results in a reduction in pressure drop. This significantly reduces power consumption. For example, you could save up to 0.5 kWh/t if you modify all your cooler grates.
Help for over-stretched coolers
Are you stretching your cooler above its designed capacity? As an alternative option to saving power, you can use the reduced pressure drop to increase the cooling airflow in a heavily loaded cooler, with the potential to increase heat recuperation efficiency and reduce clinker exit temperature
Spend less time and money on maintenance
The cooler grate is designed in two parts. We've added wear strips to the upper Wave Grate, which increases its wear lifetime to > 5years, reducing your maintenance costs. You can also easily remove the upper part, providing direct access for cleaning (if required) and for maintenance tasks from above the grate line.

Key benefits

Reduce the operating and maintenance costs of your coolers


Reduce power consumption

The pressure drop across grates is drastically decreased due to reduced airflow resistance, resulting in significant power consumption savings of cooler fans. Industrial test results show approximately an 8% reduction in total pressure drop, providing up to 0.5 kWh/t reduced power consumption of cooler fans when modifying all of the cooler grates.

Increase grate wear lifetime

The upper Wave Grate is the only wear part that needs replacement and it has wear strips giving it an expected lifetime of more than five years.

Easy to maintain

To change the upper Wave Grate, you only have to access the bolts from above the cooler grate line. This advantage significantly reduces your maintenance costs and saves time
Wave grate for SF(TM) and Multi-Movable Cross-Bar® coolersWave grate for SF(TM) and Multi-Movable Cross-Bar® coolers
Product Features
Two-part cooler grate designed specifically to meet your needs
Two-part wave design
The design of the cooler grate for the SF™ Cross-Bar® cooler and for the Multi-Movable Cross-Bar® cooler is in two parts and shaped like a wave. This means that the airflow is only deflected by 135 degrees, making it move in a wave pattern and reducing the internal flow resistance and thereby lowering the pressure drop. The reduced airflow resistance and resulting decreased pressure drop across grates gives you significant savings on your cooler-fan power consumption.
Quick access to the grate
With the original cooler grate, it is not possible to open and clean the grate because it is a single piece. And to change the original grate, you need access from both above and below the grate line. These issues are resolved with the new cooler grate. To remove the upper Wave Grate, you simply access the bolts from above the cooler grate line. This means cleaning and maintenance tasks can be done quickly and easily.
Wear strips to increase wear lifetime
The wear strips on the upper Wave Grate increase the wear lifetime to >5 years, further reducing maintenance costs. Because these wear strips typically do not wear evenly over time, the upper Wave Grate can also be rotated 180 degrees to extend the wear before replacement is needed.



Wave Grate for the SF Cross-Bar Cooler

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