QCX® Automatic Blaine Analyser

QCX® Automatic Blaine AnalyserQCX® Automatic Blaine Analyser

Reliable, accurate specific surface analyser for high quality cement

The reliability, accuracy and versatility of the QCX ABA100 Automatic Blaine Analyser are key to cost-effective, high-quality cement production. A proven and reliable performer long-term, this analyser ensures efficient and accurate analysis and operator safety.

What we offer

Automatic Blaine Analyser for reliable specific surface analysis

We know how crucial it is for you to produce the highest quality cement. We have cement in our DNA and are the market leaders in providing the finest equipment to help deliver you the best bottom line. Manufacturing the highest quality cement in the most cost-effective way has been made easier with the QCX ABA100 Automatic Blaine Analyser. The analyser uses a direct method to determine the reactivity of powders. It applies the Blaine method as it analyses the specific surface (grinding fineness) of powdered materials based on an evaluation of permeability of a material bed. The open porosity of this is determined by the measured weight of material compressed to a defined volume.

QCX® Automatic Blaine AnalyserQCX® Automatic Blaine Analyser
The sample is simply poured into the sample introduction funnel and then precisely dosed into the measuring tube where it is compacted and subsequently permeated by a defined amount of air. The volume of absorbed air is recalculated to determine the specific surface of the sample.
Versatile installation options
In automated laboratories where it can work online in connection with an automatic sampling and transport system In standard laboratory operations where it can be manually operated via a user-friendly touch panel HMI

Key Benefits

Fast, efficient and accurate determination of specific surface



the fully automated Blaine Analyser requires no hazardous materials, such as mercury, making it compliant with health and safety regulations.

Improved capacity

more laboratory capacity is available because of the fully automatic analysis. Your workers have time to attend to more meaningful and complex tasks while the machine does its job.

Fewer errors

the ABA100 Automatic Blaine Analyser takes human error out of the equation with its fully automated system.


the operator can control the equipment via a simple touch-panel device or via a remote control supervisory system, such as our innovative QCX system.

Re-use of sample

the measured sample can be re-used for further processes, for instance in case of calibrations.

Worldwide service and support

as it is the case with all of our products, we offer unbeaten after-sales support 24/7.
Product Features
Automatic Blaine Analyser for reliable, proven performance

We know the deviation in grinding process impact the overall quality of your cement. The QCX ABA100 Automatic Blaine Analyser makes it easy to ensure consistent quality.

High capacity
The analyser can define 20 material types, with each material type able to have up to 15 sampling points (subtypes). It has the capacity to measure six samples per hour, and measured samples can be discharged to an internal container for further use.
Ease of use and maintenance
A double-cabinet design makes it easy to use and maintain with the upper cabinet housing the mechanics, including the dosing device and bypass, and the lower cabinet containing the control units and pneumatic system.



Automatic Blaine Analyser QCX ABA100

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