Remote Services

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24/7 cement plant support from our global team of dedicated experts

In a 24/7 process, you need 24/7 support. Our remote services provide that support, with telephone and online access to our expert engineers – who can even join your inspections via our helmet-mounted tablet or smart glasses. Our range of digital solutions also includes apps that offer expertise and insight in the field. Whether you need emergency troubleshooting or ongoing support, we’re here to help.

What we offer

Proactive cement plant services

Cement manufacturing is a complex and intricate process that requires a skilled hand. Inevitably, problems will occur – and any drop in productivity results in an instant loss of income. It’s therefore imperative to get your equipment back up and running at optimum levels as quickly as possible. That’s where remote services come in. We can support your team with troubleshooting, bridge skills gaps, and help you achieve the efficiency you need – often without even leaving our desks

On-demand and ongoing services
Remote services are ideal for emergency situations when you can’t wait for a site visit to be arranged, or when travel restrictions prevent it. During 2020’s pandemic chaos, we managed a remarkable array of remote services, including troubleshooting, kiln start-ups, commissioning whole new lines, and more. But you don’t need to be in crisis mode to get the benefit of remote services. Ongoing monitoring and support can help you fine-tune operations to optimise performance. Our online condition monitoring services utilise the expertise in our Global 24/7 Remote Service Centre to identify problems before they have the chance to escalate into failures. The result? Reduced costs. Increased performance. And greater peace of mind.
Digital tools to fuel your productivity
24/7 hotline – Troubleshooting and guidance at the end of the phone, any time. Online condition monitoring services – This service combines your plant data with our expertise to provide actionable insights that reduce downtime and OPEX while increasing performance and productivity ECS/UptimeGo – Inform decision-making and take corrective action in time to prevent cement plant stoppages with our downtime data collection and analysis software. Digital check list tool for inspections and audits - This mobile app provides onsite technicians with predefined inspection checklists. Asset data is quickly captured in a structured way, whoever undertakes the inspection. The resulting report gives you all the information you need to take any necessary action, thus reducing downtime and OPEX costs SiteConnect™ – The mobile app that keeps users connected with their equipment and plant, even when you’re far from the control room. With on-the-go real-time monitoring and dashboards, operators are empowered with the information they need to manage and boost productivity. Productivity platform - Support your decision making process with data overviews, dashboards and reports about your plant. A knowledge centre to get insights into Business Intelligence and Performance Management Platforms. PlantLine Agreement - This service agreement ensures our experts are always there to deliver timely, customised support via our 24-hour hotline, digital remote support tools, and on-site service visits Augmented field engineer – Using mixed reality smartglasses or helmet mounted camera (HelmetCam), our remote specialists can see the machine in realtime. This technology enables us to assist in inspecting equipment as well as detecting and solving operational issues. This unique combination of tools and services allows you to get the most out of your cement plant equipment throughout its lifecycle. You’ll tackle issues quickly and efficiently, reduce downtime, increase performance and improve the consistency of maintenance procedures by combining insights with expertise. Drawing on more than 135 years of experience, and the insights provided by more than 2000 connected assets worldwide, we deliver the ultimate in full service support, so you don’t have to worry.



Online condition monitoring overview

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