Coromax® Pulse System

Coromax® Pulse System

ESP pure performance improvement

The Coromax® micro-pulse system is a family of high-voltage power supplies for electrostatic precipitators aiming at reducing dust emissions and electric power consumption. They are extremely efficient to collect the hazardous fine particles, like the PM1 and PM2.5 and high-resistivity dust.

Coromax® Pulse System

Coromax solution for new installations or upgrades

Since the late 1970s, FLSmidth has been improving the Coromax® pulse system to innovate energy efficient solution and to guarantee the emissions standards for industrial production facilities. Today, the system has proven to be more effective and revolutionary than ever, showing significant reductions in dust emission and electric power consumption by around 50%.

Coromax® Pulse System

Key Benefits

Reduce emission and costs with the Coromax power supply


Meet environmental standards

The Coromax pulse system helps to meet the environmental standards of your industry and location. Our engineers will work with you to ensure compliance with the following environmental requirements: BREF (Best Available Techniques (BAT) reference documents), NESHAP (National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants), MATS (Mercury and Air Toxics Standards), MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technology Compliance) In addition to cutting down on power consumption, the Coromax also reduces harmful dust emission by around 50%, minimising therefore air pollution.

Reduce power consumption and carbon footprint

Upgrading your electrostatic precipitator with our Coromax® micro-pulse power supply will significantly reduce the power consumption by around 50%, whilst reducing particulate emission. The performance of your electrostatic precipitator is improved, both on the power consumption and the filtering efficiency. This means lower environmental impact and lower operating cost.

Less maintenance

Where a wet desulfurization system is installed, there will be less maintenance and operation cost by installing the Coromax system. This, because there will be less particles entering the FGD system, which means less wear on cyclones, pumps and nozzles. Also dewatering system and waste-water treatment will be improved. Furthermore, removing the particles to a minimum can have a stabilizing effect on the chemical balance of the FGD system, whereby less supervision and laboratory test is needed.
Product Features
Achieve maximum ESP efficiency with minimum costs
Voltage range
The Coromax® mark 4 is our latest generation micro-pulse power supply. In contrast to previous models, this system features improved reliability due to its switching devices, which fall in the medium-voltage range. The Coromax® micro-pulse power supplies generate a specific voltage waveform in the electrostatic precipitator, characterised by a smooth base voltage superimposed by extremely narrow and high pulses. They are designed to capture high-resistivity dust, such as the dust emitted by coal-fired power plants and steel sintering plants. High-resistivity dust normally leads to high levels of dust emission from electrostatic precipitators when powered by traditional transformer/rectifier (T/R) sets or switch mode power supplies (SMPS) because of the back-corona phenomenon. On top of a base DC voltage level that can reach up to 60 kV, micro-pulses are superimposed, with a nominal pulse width of 75 µs and an amplitude of up to 80 kV. This allows for a total maximum peak voltage of up to 140 kV. The rated pulse repetition frequency is equal to 100 pulses per second (PPS).
The electric current can be controlled independently from the voltage by varying the frequency of pulse repetition. This allows the ESP to operate at a high voltage level while maintaining a low current level and eliminating back corona. Narrow pulses allow the ESP to reach higher voltage levels, improving the small/fine particles collection. These narrow pulses and the high-voltage levels cause a more intense corona discharge, resulting in a better current distribution inside the ESP.
Control unit
Our Coromax® mark 4 is controlled by the EPCU, a specific designed microprocessor-based control unit. Using a proprietary and patented control system, the EPCU can optimally control the amplitude of the base voltage, the pulse amplitude and their repetition intervals. An EPCU can also be used to control the rapping and heating systems.
Easy installation
No need to change any internal parts.



Coromax pulse system for coal-fired power plants

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