ECS/PlantData Management

ECS/PlantData ManagementECS/PlantData Management

Boosting benefits in the Industry 4.0 era with ECS/PlantDataManagement, a process historian

Transform process and quality data into real-time operations with our plant data management software system. ECS/PlantDataManagement is designed to boost your productivity by getting the most out of your plant and equipment. With our system you’ll have ready access to the information you need to make decisions that will boost your bottom line.

What we offer

The data and software needed to fuel your digital transformation

Every business owner and manager knows that improving the productivity of their assets can be the difference between a thriving and failing enterprise, especially in today’s competitive landscape. We don’t need to tell you that, but we can help you make the decisions you need to lift the performance of your operations with ECS/PlantDataManagement.

ECS/PlantData ManagementECS/PlantData Management
What is it?
Our ECS/PlantDataManagement management information system is specially designed to help our customers in the cement and mineral industries to boost productivity and profits. We’ve designed it to make sure all the process, production and quality information about your operations is available to you and your key staff via a user-friendly set-up. Our system puts critical real-time and historical information in the hands of the people who need it at operational, managerial and executive levels to help them to make smarter decisions for your business.
ECS/PlantDataManagement as a foundation for Industry 4.0
In the industry 4.0 era, data is changing daily operations. Connected devices and systems allow you to continually receive massive amounts of data on machine performance, status and health in real-time. The addition of smart sensors to equipment is opening up a world of optimisation possibilities. By embracing digitalization and Industry 4.0 methods, our customers are able to transform data into into actionable information that can be used to optimise their production lines, minimise equipment downtime, and improve productivity.
Easy to set up and customize
We’ve made sure ECS/PlantDataManagement is easy to set up and install so you don’t have to waste time getting started. The standard solution package comes with all the components you need to better understand the performance of your assets, including predefined standard report templates and dashboards so our system can start providing information with minimal effort. It’s also easy to customise so you can make sure you have the set-up that’s tailored to the specific needs of your business.
Fast results
We know you can’t afford to waste time – you need data to inform your decision-making immediately. The good news is our ECS/PlantDataManagement automatically gathers all the information you need quickly so that you and your team can have new insights to help you make decisions within days.

Key Benefits

Easy to access information management


Specially designed for the cement and minerals industries

We have a long and proud history of supporting the cement and mining industries. We understand how your business works and the challenges you are facing. That’s why we’ve been able to develop a management information system that’s suited specifically to your needs.

Less downtime with trough anomaly detection

Use your process and sensors data to detect anomalies in your process lines. By analysing data you can identify what went wrong, avoiding the repetitive occurrences of undesired events. Use your process and sensors data to detect anomalies in your process lines. By analysing data you can identify what went wrong, avoiding the repetitive occurrences of undesired events.

Identifies energy-saving projects

Use data to quantify and identify the energy consumption in each and every section of your manufacturing facility. Which section is consuming the most? Where the opportunities areas are? Turn data into actionable energy-saving projects, impacting your plant’s productivity.

Easy-to-access reports

With ECS/PlantDataManagement, your plant managers and engineers will be able to produce all the reports they need with a single touch. You’ll also be able to schedule reports for any time period you require, from every minute to annually.

Improved predictive maintenance

Monitor the operational hours of your machines and transform these data into actionable scheduled preventive maintenance plans. Don’t wait until it’s too late and the machine is down for corrective maintenance.

Customised to suit your needs

Our standard package includes a number of standard reports, but you’ll also be able to customise reports so that you get the specific information your business needs to work at optimal efficiency.

Fast payback time

We’ve made the software easy to install and set up so you can get the information you need to lift your business’s performance quickly. Within days of set-up you’ll be able to make decisions that lift productivity and bolster your bottom line.
Product Features
An information management solution for your business

ECS/PlantDataManagement is a modern information management solution for the challenges facing the cement and mineral industries today. We’ve designed it so that you can easily access real-time and historical information about your business so you can quickly make decisions to improve your productivity.

Powerful data-driven dashboards
ECS/PlantDataManagement will provide you and your staff with real-time and historical user-friendly dashboards to allow you to identify opportunities for improvement. You’ll be able to track and monitor the performance and health of the plant by reporting on key performance indicators and different plant metrics.
Standard and customizable reports
You’ll be able to customise reports to suit the specific needs of your business so you can access the information you really need. Automatic reports can be scheduled for defined time periods, like every hour, shift, day, week, month or year and will be made available to your engineers with just one touch. Additionally, a number of standard reports are included with the initial setup, including production, process, quality, alarms and events, to help you get started quickly.
Process Analysis
Analyse your process in real-time and historical horizon using ECS/PlantDataManagement trending tools. Identify what is not working properly, what went wrong in your production processes.
Complete downtime analysis system
ECS/PlantDataManagement includes ECS/UptimeGo, a completely modern downtime analysis system, allowing the simultaneously analysis of process, production, health and downtime data using a unique and unified user interface.
Enterprise Wide, runs on your browser
The solution can cover one process area, a complete plant and several facilities, following an Enterprise architecture. Dashboards, process analysis and process/production reports on the browser, it has been never easier!
Open structure
The system stores data in an open structure so it can be accessed with any common reporting tool. We’ve also made sure the system can be integrated with any Business Intelligence solution to consolidate and visualise data.
We know high-quality information is only useful to you if the people who need it can access it easily. That’s why we’ve made sure ECS/PlantDataManagement is easy to both set up and use. You and your engineers will be able to quickly configure and customise the system to fit your needs so you get the reports you need for your business. Also, key staff will be able to access reports with a single touch to ensure information is readily available for quick decision-making.



ECS Plant Data Management

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