ECS/PlantData Management

ECS/PlantData ManagementECS/PlantData Management

Advanced data management for the Industry 4.0 era

Empower your people with real-time, actionable intelligence from our ECS™/PlantDataManagement system with PDM Foresight. Bringing all your process and plant data securely into one place, the system provides the foundation for optimising plant performance. You can also connect multiple plants across regions for enterprise-level benchmarking and improvement. In short: it provides all the information you need for success.

What we offer

The foundation of your digital transformation

The Industry 4.0 era is fundamentally about data. Huge amounts of data are collected every day on your equipment, your process, and your product quality. These data have the potential to improve almost every aspect of your business performance. But delivering on that potential needs the support of a sophisticated and secure data management system, which can turn your data into actionable insights. And that’s where our ECS/PlantDataManagement process historian with PDM Foresight comes into play.

ECS/PlantData ManagementECS/PlantData Management
Turning data into intelligence
The ECS/PlantDataManagement system is designed to securely collect and store all of your plant and process data in one place – and then deliver that data in accessible and practical forms to the people that need it most. Your plant managers and operators. Your process engineers. Your maintenance teams. Even your business analysts and executive team. Our ECS/PlantDataManagement system helps you make smarter decisions that will optimise your production lines, minimize equipment downtime, improve productivity, and reduce environmental impact.
PDM Foresight
PDM Foresight is a powerful web-based platform that allows users to navigate all plant-related data for greatest impact. It comprises a range of powerful tools including: a comprehensive library of best-practice KPIs; our PDM calculator allowing users to make and store calculations on the fly; data mining tools for searching and analysing large batches of raw data; PDM Notification allowing users to design and configure SMS, email and/or desktop notifications; and access to our UptimeGo downtime analysis system.


Our UptimeGo downtime analysis system analyses process, production, health, and downtime data, using a unique and unified user interface, to provides the insights you need to identify what causes equipment to fail and improve your processes in the future to prevent further unplanned stoppages. UptimeGo is also available as a standalone SAAS service.

Key Benefits

Easy to access information management


01. Integrate all process and plant data into a single system

Data, data; it’s everywhere! With every process and piece of equipment generating vast amounts of data, the sheer quantity is easily overwhelming. But data have also traditionally been siloed with limited visibility across plant operations. The ECS/PlantDataManagement system solves this limitation by bringing all plant and process data into a single, secure location.

02. Enhanced data visualisation, notifications, and reporting improves decision-making

We all know the old computing dictum: garbage in, garbage out. The ECS/PlantDataManagement system guards against that by providing accurate and actionable intelligence to your people via a range of easy-to-understand dashboards, both customisable and pre-set, so they can make the best possible decisions at that moment for your plant.

03. Expert insights and best practice KPIs help identify productivity and sustainability gains

What would it be like to have the collective experience of FLSmidth Cement’s expert plant and process engineers with you all the time. PDM Foresight gives you that. With its Cement Insights functionality, we draw on our extensive knowledge of process best practices to provide a library of KPI dashboards that support you in identifying and realising productivity and sustainability gains.

04. Connect multiple plants for enterprise-level benchmarking and improvement

Access to your own plant’s data is powerful enough. But the latest ECS/PlantDataManagement software takes it up a notch with enterprise-level connectivity that brings data from across all plants into a centralised location. Analyse, benchmark, and deliver company-wide improvements for even more powerful profitability and sustainability benefits.

05. Protect critical data via secure data collection and storage

At a time when data breaches and cyberattacks frequently make the news, we all understand the importance of data security. Using the latest cyber protection protocols, our ECS/PlantDataManagement system safely and securely connects to, collects, and stores your data. So you don’t have to worry.

06. Raise profitability and deliver quick return on investment

We know you can’t afford to waste time: you need data to inform your decision-making and boost performance immediately. The good news is the ECS/PlantDataManagement system is easy to set up, and automatically gathers all the information you need quickly, so that you and your team can have new insights to help you make decisions within days.
Product Features
Accessing business-critical intelligence has never been easier!

Powerful data visualisation
Each user has different requirements when it comes to visualising and analysing data. The ECS/PlantDataManagement system allows for this via a range of pre-set and customisable dashboards for all applications. Meanwhile, the collection of pre-built KPI dashboards in PDM Foresight bring our process expertise to your visualisation experience. ECS/PlantDataManagement also features process mimics, an inbuilt graphics package that allows users to create dynamic, interactive graphics and trends, featuring real-time data from the historian database.
Standard and customizable reports
In ECS/PlantDataManagment, you can customise reports to suit the specific needs of your business, so you can access the information you really need. Automatic reports can be scheduled for defined time periods, like every hour, shift, day, week, month or year, and will be made available to your engineers with just one touch. Additionally, a number of standard reports are included with the initial setup, including production, process, quality, alarms and events, to help you get started quickly. We’ve also made sure the system can be integrated with any business intelligence solution to consolidate and visualise data.
Alarms and events
The ECS/PlantDataManagement software analyses all the process values for limit violations and draws statistical conclusions for the process department. Armed with this overview, plant staff can make adjustments to the PLC programs and control systems to reduce the number of non-critical process alarms and gain a better overview of plant processes.
Easy to set up and customize
ECS/PlantDataManagement is easy to set up and install. The standard package contains everything you need to start reaping the value from your data to better understand the performance of your assets. This includes predefined standard report templates and dashboards, so our system can start providing information with minimal effort, as well as a library of best-practice KPI to support analysis and improvement in PDM Foresight. The system is also easy to customise to the specific needs of your business.
PlantLine™ service agreement
Protect your ECS/PlantDataManagement system with a PlantLine service agreement: a prudent investment that gives top priority to emergency assistance. You’re supported through onsite service visits, as well as remotely via Go2FLS, which allows our engineers to connect to the system to make any necessary configurations for rapid resolution of problems. The result is reduced system downtime and optimal plant performance.



ECS Plant Data Management

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