Downtime analysis software

Downtime analysis softwareDowntime analysis software

Prevent unplanned stoppages with ECS/UptimeGo

How much time can your business afford to waste on unnecessary and unplanned stoppages? ECS/UptimeGo, our downtime analysis software, will help you find out why your equipment failed so you can take action to prevent future downtime.

What we offer

An automated analysis tool to prevent unwanted downtime

You’ve likely been there before; something unexpectedly goes wrong with a key piece of plant or equipment and suddenly a large part of your operations is offline. Your output slows or comes to a halt and your labour costs ratchet up as you try desperately to solve the problem. Globally, unplanned downtime costs businesses tens of billions of dollars each year. It doesn’t have to be this way – we can help you reduce the frequency and severity of unplanned stoppages with our downtime analysis software.

Downtime analysis softwareDowntime analysis software
What is it?

When stoppages happen, it’s vital for you to know what went wrong. Finding out what caused your plant and equipment to fail is the first step to preventing the same thing happening again in the future. ECS/UptimeGo gives you the insight you need to identify what causes the equipment to fail and improve your processes for the future.

Reduce stoppages, improve productivity

Our downtime analysis software helps reduce unexpected machine breakages to lift equipment utilisation and reduce production losses. It can support a single plant or multiple plants in the same organisation, providing valuable and broad insight. And through integration with ECS Plant Control Software, the collection of stoppages is automatic. With ECS/UptimeGo, you’ll quickly be on your way to greater productivity.

Key Benefits

The insight you require to maximise your equipment uptime


Increase downtime visibility

ECS/UptimeGo will give you the clearest possible picture of what went wrong whenever an unplanned stoppage occurs. This will help you to reduce the possibility of the same problem occurring again in the future. Unplanned downtime should become less and less common in the future as you eliminate the root cause of each episode.

Increase asset utilisation

With fewer unplanned stoppages you’ll be able to get the most out of equipment and plant. It’s an easy, low cost way to keep you plant operating.
Product Features
Document and analyse unplanned downtime

With our downtime analysis software you'll be able to document and analyse unexpected stoppages.

Document stoppages
When a stoppage occurs, your first priority is to get your operations back online. Your second should be to find out what went wrong and review your response. With ECS/UptimeGo you’ll be able to document what occurred in the lead up to a stoppage. This intelligence will inform your future decisions and business improvements.
Pareto analysis
You’ll also get all the information you need to diagnose the cause of unplanned stoppages. Once you know what occurred, you will be able to reduce the severity and likelihood of it recurring.
Maintenance KPIs
As you know, a good maintenance regime is the best way to prevent unplanned downtime. Our solution enables you to monitor the core maintenance KPIs of your production units. These include: run factor availability factor reliability factor mean time between failures (MTBF).
Enterprise/plant downtime reports
When your plant or equipment goes offline, ECS/UptimeGo will give you immediate access to automatic reports documenting what has occurred. With that knowledge you’ll be able to avoid future stoppages and increase the utilisation of your assets.
Economic value of stoppages by plant and production department
ECS/UptimeGo quantifies in automatic the economic value of the stoppages per plant and per production department. When connected to your process control system, ECS/UptimeGo gathers the production level before the stoppage occurred. This information is used to calculate the economic implications of not producing. Additionally, it’s possible to assign an economic value per hour of production lost due to the equipment not operating.



ECS UptimeGo - downtime analysis software

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