Upgrades and spare parts for DRW Rotor Weighfeeder

Upgrades and spare parts for DRW Rotor WeighfeederUpgrades and spare parts for DRW Rotor Weighfeeder

Reduce wear. Eliminate inefficiencies. Increase alternative fuels substitution.

Even the best technologies have rooms for improvement. We have identified the routes to optimised performance and lower maintenance with our DRW rotor weighfeeders. Even just one could have a big impact on your process – and your costs. Are you ready to make the small change that makes a big difference?
Key Benefits
Rotor Weighfeeder upgrades that lower costs and increase efficiency

When it comes to performance, consistent and reliable dosing is crucial. But it’s not the only factor affecting your process – inefficiencies have a big part to play. That’s why we continue to work on upgrades to our DRW Rotor Weighfeeder, which is now available with a series of optional enhancements to optimise performance. Four new developments offer the potential to increase the performance and reliability of your dosing equipment. Interested in ways to optimise your dosing process ? Send your request to spares@flsmidthpfister.com

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Spare parts eCatalogue for PFISTER rotor weighfeeders

Simplify spare parts ordering for PFISTER DRW, TRW/SD and FRW rotor weighfeeders. When your production is on the line,you don’t want to deal with complicated spare parts ordering systems. Which is why we’ve simplified the process for PFISTER rotor weighfeeders with the PFISTER weighfeeder spare parts eCatalogue


Pfister DRW Rotor Weighfeeder

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Pfister Smart Aeration for DRW rotor weighfeeders

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Pfister FEEDflex datasheet

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Pfister AutoGap datasheet

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PFISTER® Wear Part Rework datasheet

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