VENTOSEAL™ CL Ultrasonic Valve Bag Sealing System

VENTOSEAL™ CL Ultrasonic Valve Bag Sealing SystemVENTOSEAL™ CL Ultrasonic Valve Bag Sealing System

Goodbye dust with VENTOMATIC® ultrasonic valve bag sealing machine

Dust in the packing area is both a health and safety risk, and a sign that your bag sealing system is not working properly. Protect your product – and your profits – with a sealing solution that you can rely on.

What we offer

Ultrasonic bag sealing system

No one wants to see materials escaping from incompletely sealed bags. Not only is it a health hazard for your operators and customers, it also means that contaminants could be getting into the bags, putting product quality at risk. VENTOSEAL CL is an ultrasonic bag sealer suitable for paper, plastic or woven bags. It is designed for both new installations and as a retrofit for existing packing plants of any make or model.

VENTOSEAL™ CL Ultrasonic Valve Bag Sealing SystemVENTOSEAL™ CL Ultrasonic Valve Bag Sealing System

Valve bag sealing design based on experience

More than 20 years ago, VENTOMATIC® developed the VENTOSEAL H, a mechanical valve closing system based on knurling wheels. The VENTOSEAL CL draws on that experience and our thirst for innovation to deliver a capable, reliable bag sealing system designed for the modern packing plant. Although it is built to be a standalone system, the ultrasonic technology used in the VENTOSEAL CL can be incorporated into our packing machines as an on-board system where space is limited.

Product Features
How it works
1. Bags alignment and cleaning
As your bags are discharged by the packing machine, they remain on the belt conveyor and are precisely aligned ready for treatment. Later on, the valve is carefully cleaned.
2. Sealing process
Right after the alignment and cleaning process, a roller fixes the bag just enough to allow the sealing clamp, provided with ultrasonic technology, to intercept the bag valve, ensuring a perfect seal of it.
3. Evacuation of sealed bags
After the sealing process the bag valve is 100% sealed. Nothing can get in, and no product can escape – giving you a dust-free environment from your plant all the way to the end user, and securing your product quality over the long-term.

Key Benefits

Spill-free, dust-free bag handling


High productivity bag sealing

In the past, on-board sealing in the packing machine has resulted in slower output. The VENTOSEAL CL ultrasonic sealing machine guarantees full capacity up to 2800 bags/hour. There is no reduction in productivity, and you still get a 100% seal and no dust.

Plug and play concept

There is no need to apply any special device to your new or existing packing machine – the VENTOSEAL CL is a simple, standalone machine. Just plug and play!

Works with any kind of packer

Old or new, FLSmidth or other – you can use the VENTOSEAL CL with any new or existing packing line.

Standalone sealing process

As a standalone process, you can even bypass this machine when ultrasonic sealing is not required.