Maintenance Service Agreements

Maintenance Service Agreements: optimum performance, maximum peace of mindMaintenance Service Agreements: optimum performance, maximum peace of mind

Maintenance Service Agreements: optimum performance, maximum peace of mind

A successful maintenance programme gives you high levels of availability and reliability. There are no unscheduled stops. No runaway costs. All repairs are made in a timely, stress-free and budget-friendly manner. Sounds good, right? Let’s make this a reality at your plant with our Maintenance Service Agreements.

What we offer

A proactive maintenance approach, supported by experts

What’s the difference between 90% reliability and 91%? A lot of money. When it comes down to it, that’s what your maintenance strategy represents: the gap between performance and optimisation.

A proactive maintenance approach, supported by expertsA proactive maintenance approach, supported by experts
Achieving optimum performance
With a process like cement manufacturing, where almost every part of the flow sheet affects the next part, reliability is critical. A gearbox failure could shut down your milling operation. A broken valve could stop your materials handling equipment. Problems in the burner affect not just availability but also quality. It all needs taking care of, preferably in a way that is both strategic and holistic. At the same time, it’s clear that not all components need to be treated equally. Some are quick and inexpensive to replace. Some are much more challenging and require a long lead time. A good maintenance strategy takes all of this into account to ensure optimum performance, maximum reliability and the lowest possible maintenance cost.
Reducing unplanned downtime and maintenance costs with Maintenance Service Agreements
Unexpected events can negatively impact cement production and maintenance costs. Everyone knows that, but in a busy plant it is easy to miss the early signs of equipment failure, and it can be difficult to cover all maintenance needs. With over 138 years of expertise across the full flowsheet, we support you in an engaged, structured and flexible way. We can do everything, from inspections on-site to online condition monitoring, installation services and even maintenance strategy. You can concentrate on running the plant, safe in the knowledge that your equipment is being looked after by our local team and a global network of experts.
Tailored service solutions for your plant
Maintenance needs vary from plant to plant, and they change over time. So our Maintenance Service Agreements are structured in modules according to where you need support and at what level. You can choose from the Healthcheck, Inspections, Smart support, and Full preventive/predictive packages outlined below, covering all FLSmidth and various non-FLSmidth products. Add-on services are also available, should you wish for us to support with further expert services, such as training, hot kiln alignment or shutdown support services. All you have to decide is how much support you need.
Healthcheck Inspections Smart support Full preventive/predictive
Basic inspection xxx
Spares inventory checkxxx
Detailed inspection xx
Shutdown planning xx
24/7 Remote emergency support xx
Remote insightsxx
Online condition monitoringselect productsselect products
What does each service include?



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