QCX® X-ray sample press

QCX® X-ray sample press

Work smarter with the QCX P40M Manual X-ray sample press

The QCX P40M Manual X-ray sample press easily and efficiently prepares pressed pellets for x-ray fluorescence analysis. Its functional design is engineered for high sample throughput and trouble-free operation. With up to 16 pre-programmable press cycles, it offers a simple and smart solution for producing pressed samples.

What we offer

Dependable sample preparation for a variety of sample types

The quality of your x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis relies on correct sample preparation. We developed the QCX P40M Manual XRF Press with powerful press forces to ensure your pressed pellet samples meet stringent quality standards. You can prepare pressed pellets from a range of sample types including clinker, slag, ores, cements and raw materials – all from one compact unit. The simple operation of the press gives consistently repeatable, reliable sample pressing, even when you are dealing with problematic materials. With easy-to-use programmed pressing cycles and an ergonomic design, the P40M Manual XRF Press is a real workhorse, maximising efficiency in your laboratory.

QCX® X-ray sample press

QCX® X-ray sample press

Flexible options, consistent results

Product Features
An invaluable tool for pressed powders
Simple and safe to operate
No need to bog down your skilled technicians in laborious manual tasks. The P40M Manual X-ray sample press features programme-controlled pressure force cycles that ensure even the most difficult of materials is pressed with ease. Powdered sample material is fed into the machine through the entry funnel and captured in a sample holder – either a steel ring or aluminium cup. Pressing tools for the steel rings or cup come in a number of sizes. The operator starts the process simply, by selecting one of up to 16 fully-adjustable process programmes. The sample holder then moves into position where it is pressed, with forces of up to 400 kN. The pressure applied to the piston follows a ramp profile. Designed to protect your workers, the unit has an in-built safety switch to stop the press immediately if the cover is opened during operation. The machine finishes the process, transferring the pressed pellet sample to the output/filling position, ready for analysis.
The press that just keeps going
This robust unit is built to last, with a strong frame constructed to withstand high press forces. It is also engineered to handle high sample throughput, increasing your productivity.
Integrated sample preparation
The P40M is configured for side-by-side operation with the QCX M100M Manual Pulverising Mill – providing a complete solution for pressed pellet sample preparation.



QCX P40M Manual Press datasheet

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