QCX® Carbon Sulphur Analyser

QCX® Advanced Quality Control SystemsQCX® Advanced Quality Control Systems

Test a wide range of samples with the QCX Automatic Carbon Sulphur Analyser

The ACS820 Automatic Carbon Sulphur Analyser accurately analyses carbon and sulphur in powder samples. The unit’s automated capabilities improve its analytical quality by eliminating sporadic or method-dependent variations, and inconsistencies and deviations from procedures.

What we offer

State-of-the-art instrumentation delivering reliable results

We know how important fast, accurate, around-the-clock sample testing results are for process quality control. Designed specifically for production laboratories, the QCX ACS820 quickly, safely and accurately determines carbon and sulphur in powder samples, including: clinker, cement, lime, ceramics, ores and mineral processing products, and a range of other inorganic material. It is also well suited for the optimisation of pyro-processing by measuring residual carbon or sulphur. The high level of automation means you can operate 24/7 with as few operators as possible.The automated analysis process includes: 1. Sample and accelerator materials are dosed into a ceramic crucible. 2. Samples are loaded in the analytical furnace. 3. Analysis occurs. 4. The ceramic crucible goes to the collection bin.

QCX® Carbon Sulphur AnalyserQCX® Carbon Sulphur Analyser

Key Benefits

Quick, safe and accurate analysis of carbon and sulphur



Dose and analyse up to 20 powdered samples per hour, 24/7, with minimal operator involvement.


The automatic sample taking, preparation, transport and analysis eliminates human error ensuring sample-to-sample consistency. It’s not worth the risk of inaccurate analysis results that cause laboratory errors, create process fluctuations, waste time and money and disrupt productivity, equipment lifetime and product quality.


Configure the unit to suit your production needs. Samples can be received in an exchangeable sample rack, from a sampling system or from a robot.


Results can be automatically transferred to your management system.


Analyse a broad range of materials including clinker, cement, ceramics, ores and mineral processing products and other inorganic materials.


Eliminating hazardous manual operation reduces injuries and prioritises safety.

Peace of mind

Not only do the accurate results ensure the continuous, efficient running of your cement production, the ACS820 Automatic Carbon Sulphur Analyser is part of our global support organisation for fast and easy remote troubleshooting.
Product Features
Innovative design adaptable to your operational needs

We know that industrial operations evolve with time, that’s why the ACS820 Automatic Carbon Sulphur Analyser has been designed to easily adapt to your ever-changing needs. It features modular system architecture, meaning you select the level of automation, from small, task-targeted automation units to large, fully automated laboratories.

The ACS820 is available in three configurations:
- A stand-alone unit for laboratory use. An optional of a 30-sample exchangeable rack allows for 24/7 operation – sample racks can be prepared ahead of time, allowing continuous operation with minimal night-shift staff. - An integrated unit in an automated laboratory. - A containerised process solution located at a process line. We take adaptability to the next level by allowing the unit to be configured so that samples can be received: - in an exchangeable sample rack - from a sampling system - from a robot.



QCX Automatic Carbon-Sulphur-Analyser

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