Cooler services

Cooler servicesCooler services

Staying cool with preventative maintenance services

It’s essential to bring red-hot clinker down to manageable temperatures. The clinker-cooler is working constantly for your plant and preventative maintenance is vital to keep availability high. You need to avoid excessive wear on components, and have the right spare parts on hand for planned maintenance.

What we offer

Maximise cooler availability and eliminate excessive wear

To maintain overall plant capacity, your cooler must handle a constant throughput of clinker. Problems with the cooler can result in an unstable kiln, damage equipment, and influence the clinker quality. And excessive wear of cooler parts can lead to inefficient cooling processes and even production stoppages. A regular preventative inspection can eliminate many of the root causes of excessive wear and keep your cooler running smoothly. As well as inspections, our on-site cooler services include: installation, repairs and refurbishments, and upgrades and overhauls.

Maximise cooler availability and eliminate excessive wearMaximise cooler availability and eliminate excessive wear
Is your cooler always ‘all systems go’?

A complete cooler analysis can help you reduce downtime and keep production levels high. A problem detected in one area can have its root cause in another. Using the latest fault-finding technologies, such as electronic data loggers and thermal cameras, we analyse each individual element in depth.

Multi movable cross bar coolerMulti movable cross bar cooler