ECS/ControlCenter Process control solution

ECS Process controlECS Process control

Lift your plants performance with our ECS™ Process Control Solution

Our ECS™ Process Control Solution gives you complete and reliable control of your plant. It has a user-friendly interface and flexible operator station architecture. The software solution lifts your performance while allowing for easier troubleshooting for your operators and engineers and helps you to step into the digital world.

What we offer

Optimise your operation with user-friendly process control software

With today’s tough landscape of rising costs and increasingly stiff competition, we know that you need to manage your processes efficiently. You also need a reliable control system with remote support from our experts whenever you need it. The ECS Process Control Solution increases flexibility, cuts installation times, and ensures safe, reliable and efficient operations – all while reducing down times and providing you with the tools, data and connectivity for smart digital services.

ECS Process ControlECS Process Control
What is it?

We’ve got a track record of innovation in automation stretching back more than 40 years. That experience has allowed us to develop control software packed with features to ensure your plant is operating at its maximum potential. Our process control solution includes well-known features such as trending, alarm management and data logging, resulting in a complete full-featured control system. It uses modern Ethernet-based communication, is based on uniform engineering standards and optionally provides access on a plant-wide control system level. It is fast, flexible and offers your plant comprehensive trouble-shooting.


Our solution is tailor-designed for the cement industry, with focus on your special requirements. Functionality and performance are perfectly balanced to give the fastest, most advanced yet simple-to-use solution. We have built our software solution to be flexible to your needs and allow your engineers to tailor configurations to suit individual projects. As an added benefit, the software solution works equally well with PLC hardware from major brands like Siemens, Schneider, Rockwell and others due to built-in specially developed high-performance drivers. This makes life so much easier when it comes to upgrading systems as it is not dependent on one particular supplier of hardware. With our process control solution, you’ll have a control system that caters to your future needs, not just your present ones.

What we offer

How can the ECS Process Control Solution help my business?

Commissioning new equipment involves extensive testing and troubleshooting. Our process control solution gives engineers the advanced tools and assistance they need to get the job done as quickly as possible. You want to make sure that if faults occur, you can establish the cause quickly – a major benefit of the software solution. By quickly identifying the problem your operators will more often be able to take action to resolve the issue before your maintenance teams need to get involved. The result is digital, connected control system software that is fast, flexible and minimises downtime, helping your operations to perform at their peak.

ECS process control solutionECS process control solution

Key Benefits

Process control software solution that integrates with a range of hardware


High efficiency

Our solution will ensure your plant is operating at its maximum potential, reducing the need for operator inputs. And when errors occur, our software will allow your operators and engineers to quickly identify the problem and begin troubleshooting. The result is a more efficiently run plant with less downtime.


When you choose us, you get more than just a product. Everything we do is backed by our expert teams of engineers, project managers and support staff. We deliver on time and can upgrade your equipment and systems with little to no downtime to avoid production losses. With the ECS Process Control Solution, you’ll also have access to around-the-clock support and troubleshooting from our team so you can be confident we’ll always be there to help.


The software solution is also completely flexible to your needs. It is designed to work with a wide range of hardware from many of the world’s major manufacturers, which means you can install it with limited fuss, no matter how your plant is set up.

Efficient control for all your operations

Our ECS Process Control Solution uses dedicated Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) to control equipment, while providing an open interface. We support multiple PLC and MCC brands for the highest flexibility. Unparalleled efficiency The process control solution helps avoid human errors and time-wasting through complete automation, with information being able to be shared through one unified portal. It provides insight into specific process problems through trending and analysis of operational data and improves your plant productivity (energy, production, quality) by making available real-time and historical data. The tools to act quickly We have given you the tools you need to find faults quickly. Your operators and maintenance staff will have quick access to comprehensive information such as diagnostics and operation instructions to help them identify the problem and take action.