Gas Conditioning Tower (GCT)

Gas Conditioning Tower (GCT)Gas Conditioning Tower (GCT)

Cool your exhaust gases with ultra-reliable gas conditioning towers

Our gas conditioning towers cool exhaust gases from cement plant systems, such as the preheaters or kiln bypass systems, before they are conveyed to mills and filters. There are two technologies to choose from. Both give you years of reliable performance.

what we offer

Energy efficient gas conditioning systems with unique self-automated control

Preheating raw meal generates an excessive amount of hot exhaust gases, which means you need a gas cooling system that will perform as promised, day after day. That’s what you get with FLSmidth.

Gas Conditioning Tower (GCT)Gas Conditioning Tower (GCT)
Reliable smart technology
Hot gases need to be cooled quickly in order to reduce potential impact on your downstream equipment and ensure you meet emission requirements. Our exhaust gas conditioning towers use smart technology to give you efficient and reliable gas cooling. Choose our high-water pressure one-phase nozzle system for low power consumption, or go for a high-performance air-atomised water spray two-phase system for more efficient cooling. Whichever one you choose, you know it won’t let you down.
The two-phase system: High performance and space saving
Our air-atomised water spray two-phase system is designed to deliver extremely efficient water atomisation using air. The easy-to-maintain nozzles provide continuous droplet quality, with small droplets that are easy to control. This results in more efficient cooling, which means the unit requires less space. The system can also handle water impurities, reducing the risk of unplanned production shutdowns – and improving your uptime. Superior cooling effect with uniform gas distribution Space-saving design with unique control system Continuous droplet quality Low regular maintenance
The high water pressure system: Low set-up costs and efficient operation
Our high water pressure one-phase nozzle system is designed to deliver efficient atomisation when operating with high pressure. It requires a low initial investment and consumes less power than our two-phase system, giving you lower operating costs. It is also ultra-reliable, which means no unforeseen downtime. Low initial set-up costs Low power consumption for lower operating costs Highly reliable with a unique control system Requires regular maintenance Must be used with clean water (as specified in the FLSmidth Water Quality Specifications)
Optimise your cooling performance with uniform gas distribution and unique control system
In both our gas conditioning tower systems, we ensure uniform gas distribution through the use of gas distribution screens. We have also worked hard to ensure you don’t have to spend your valuable time by changing the parameters during operation. The self-adjusting thermodynamic control system automatically reacts to changes in operating conditions to ensure top performance – so you don’t have to use your valuable time changing parameters during operation.
Need to cool gas in your vertical down duct?
As an alternative to the complete conditioning tower, our air-atomised water spray two-phase system can be used for cooling gases entirely in the vertical down duct.

Key Benefits

Enjoy the reliability of our gas conditioning towers


Two highly reliable gas conditioning technologies to choose from

What’s most important for you? Low initial set-up costs, high performance or space-saving design? With two gas conditioning systems to choose from, you can choose the best option for you.

Low start-up and operating costs

With a low initial investment and low power consumption, our high-water pressure one-phase nozzle system ensures your operating costs remain low

Maximum uptime with excellent reliability

Our simple-to-maintain two-phase system deals easily with water impurities, reducing maintenance requirements to improve your uptime.

Efficient cooling and space-saving design

The gas distribution screens ensure uniform gas distribution, so that all hot gases are cooled as required. Thanks to its excellent cooling performance, the air-atomised water spray two-phase system requires less space than high water pressure solutions.

Unique and fast-reacting automatic control system

Our self-automated control system reacts quickly to any operating changes to ensure the desired output is constant, even when inlet fluctuations vary widely
Product Features
Gas conditioning for new plants, upgrades and modernisation
Fast and easy upgrades
Our gas conditioning tower systems can be used in new plants, upgrades or modernisations – and our two-phase nozzle system can be installed in an existing tower to increase capacity. After initial preparation, upgrades to your gas conditioning system can be completed with just two weeks of downtime.
How a gas conditioning tower works
Conditioning towers are used to cool exhaust gases from any cement system, such as preheater exhaust and kiln bypass systems. The hot exhaust gases enter the top inlet cone. The gas distribution screens ensure uniform distribution down the vertical, cylindrical and insulated tower, where the gas is cooled by water spray. The gas is then drawn out of the tower and into the downstream equipment.
Another one bites the dust
The dust precipitated from the gas stream is collected in the bottom hopper and extracted by a reversible conveyor and two dust outlets – one outlet for dry dust and the other for wet dust.



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