Different markets have different logistics requirements: bag dimension and type, pattern configurations. Our VENTOMATIC® bag palletizer and palletizing systems are designed to adapt to your changing requirements, in terms of capacity, bag characteristics, storage, handling and dispatch conditions.
Flexible systems to suit your palletizing process

Your packing plant is a danger zone for bottlenecks. You’re dealing with various bag types, bag sizes, capacities, truck types . Not anymore. Our palletizing units can cater for low, medium or high capacity lines, and a complete range of bag types. Glued, stitched or open mouth bags, paper, PP, HDPE or plastic – all can be handled by our highly reliable palletizers.

Downstream of the palletizers we can provide stretch hood/wrapping units, palletless lines or a direct connection to our VENTOMATIC® Flying Fork -Lift-FFL or VENTOMATIC® FFL-4C stack loaders.