VENTOMATIC® FFL automatic loader for open top trucks

VENTOMATIC® FFL automatic loader for open top trucksVENTOMATIC® FFL automatic loader for open top trucks

Automatic loader for open top trucks

Every time you put personnel in the truck loading area, they are in danger. Manual bag handling, overloaded forklifts and other hazards can be avoided with an automatic truck loader with smart technology. The VENTOMATIC® FFL for open top truck loading is a safe, efficient solution for loading stacked or palletized bags.

What we offer

Easy, efficient open truck loading

The truck loading bay can be a real bottleneck in your process. Trucks don’t arrive when expected, or they all come at once, and suddenly it’s all hands on deck trying to get the shipment loaded and dispatched. In the confusion, it’s easy for people to get hurt. Alternatively, there can be a period of total inactivity while you are waiting for trucks to turn up. With nowhere for the pallets to go, the whole system backs up. We’ve developed the VENTOMATIC® FFL to address all these issues. As a totally mechanized system, it only requires one member of staff to supervise – and no manual intervention. It works just like a regular forklift truck to move stacks or pallets from the palletizer to the truck for dispatch – or to the warehouse, if the bags are staying in storage. But a clever push-pull mechanism and overhead rails enable the whole action to happen automatically. The intelligent system can even scan the parameters of the truck to calculate the best loading configuration – and it makes continual checks throughout and between loading cycles to ensure that everything is working optimally.

VENTOMATIC® FFL automatic loader for open top trucksVENTOMATIC® FFL automatic loader for open top trucks

Key Benefits

Safe and flexible bag loading


A truck-sized footprint

Space is always a consideration in industrial processes. Warehouses typically have an enormous footprint – not just for storage, but to give room for forklifts to manoeuvre. The VENTOMATIC® FFL doesn’t take up much more space than the trucks you are loading, yet you can achieve higher loading capacities than with traditional truck loading. With a simple steel structure, requiring minimal civil works, most of the machine sits above the truck – which is why we call it a Flying Fork Lift! This small footprint saves you a lot of space and makes it very easy to integrate the FFL into existing installations. And of course, the interface with other VENTOMATIC® equipment – such as the POLIMAT® palletizer – is seamless.
Product Features
Truck loading, made easy

The FFL is designed to simultaneously load two stacks of bags onto an open top truck. It doesn’t matter if the truck has lateral sides or not – this doesn’t effect operations. The truck enters the loading bag and stops in position while the FFL scans the dimensions of the truck and calculates the loading parameters, including the number of stacks, layers per stack, bags per tonne, etc. The FFL then picks up the stack, moves into position, and places the stack onto the truck. Once loading is complete, the FFL returns to its standby position and the loaded truck leaves the bay, For smooth, fast installation, the VENTOMATIC® FFL is delivered pre-wired, pre-assembled and pre-tested. There are no significant civil structures and commissioning is simple – so you can start making the most of your new system as soon as possible.



Ventomatic FFL truckloader

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