New collaboration with Lin & Associates

28th Jun 2023

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New collaboration with Lin & Associates to enhance our ECS/ProcessExpert® software

A new collaboration with Lin & Associates means the company’s flagship adaptive model-less multivariable control solution, DELTUM® will be incorporated into our ECS/ProcessExpert (PXP) advanced process control (APC) software. The aim is to deliver even greater responsiveness to changes in the process conditions so that plants can best fulfil their sustainability ambitions.

This collaboration will help cement producers navigate through our current period of rapid change. Producers are facing increasingly competitive market conditions, while also grappling with issues around sustainability and the need to reduce carbon emissions. This has resulted in the growing use of alternative fuels, changing raw materials, and cementitious materials – all of which increase variability and complicate process control.

As a consequence, today’s cement plants demand a greater degree of responsiveness from advanced process control systems than ever before. To deliver this next-level performance, FLSmidth has collaborated with Lin & Associates to offer its DELTUM adaptive control technology already used in other verticals as part of our proven ECS/ProcessExpert (PXP) solution. “We are excited to see our DELTUM technology help solve these process control challenges”, commented Eric LeBlanc, Vice President of Technology.

Under the terms of the agreement with Lin & Associates, we will offer DELTUM adaptive controllers on an exclusive basis for FLSmidth’s customer base in our industries.

With this cooperation, we look forward to delivering higher energy efficiency and enhanced productivity than current industry standards.

Dinesh Sampath - Global product manager - Optimization, FLSmidth

FLSmidth has pioneered advanced process control in the cement industry for more than fifty years. Our ECS/ProcessExpert solution, designed to meet the needs of cement producers, is packed with features that lift performance and ensure plant and equipment are working at their best; a critical lever of our Green’26 strategy to enable carbon neutral cement production.

Lin & Associates is a control system integration and industrial software company with many years of practical industrial experience developing and implementing automation and software solutions. Our industry-leading automation solutions and industrial software, notably DELTUM has been controlling a multitude of industrial processes for fortune 500 companies in the upstream and downstream Oil and Gas industries for over 10 years.