11th Jul 2024

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The cement industry’s leading data management system just got better

The latest update to our ECS/PlantDataManagement system features a range of advanced functionality that supports critical decision making to improve plant- and enterprise-level productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

Data. It’s the foundation on which Industry 4.0 is built. Connected devices deliver terabytes of information on plant and equipment status and health, process stability, product quality, and environmental performance. This all has the potential to deliver significant gains when it comes to productivity and sustainability. But first, the data must be collected and turned into practical insights that underpin improved operational decision making.

Managing and transforming this data into actionable intelligence is the job of our ECS/PlantDataManagement (PDM) system. Already a leader in the industrial data management space, we’ve now released the latest version 9 featuring PDM Foresight, a new web-based platform designed to deliver the most bang for your data.

“Every business owner and plant manager knows that improving the asset performance can be the difference between thriving and failing, especially in today’s competitive market. PDMv9 empowers you to deliver that improvement by making the data that decision makers need available and accessible, whenever and wherever they need it,” Dinesh Sampath, Global Product Manager- Optimization​.

Turbocharging data usability

New in PDMv9, PDM Foresight is a powerful web-based platform that allows users to access, analyse, and transform plant and process data into tangible improvements via:

  • Cement Insights: a comprehensive library of best-practice KPI dashboards.
  • PDM calculator, allowing users to make and store calculations on the fly.
  • Data mining tools for searching and analysing large batches of raw data.
  • PDM Notification, allowing users to design and configure SMS, email and/or desktop notifications.

Advanced downtime analysis

PDM Foresight also comes with our UptimeGo downtime analysis solution. The UptimeGo system analyses process, production, health, and downtime data, using a unique and unified user interface, to provides the insight you need to identify what causes equipment to fail and improve your processes in the future to prevent further unplanned stoppages.

Enterprise-level insights

Taking your data management and analysis up a level, PDMv9 can not only connect processes across a plant, but all plants across a business, following an enterprise architecture. Visualise and benchmark the performance of plants and equipment across your business to identify areas of best practice and optimisation. Dashboards, process analysis, and process/production reports are available via your web browser, so accessing business-critical intelligence has never been easier.

Protect critical data

At a time where data breaches and cyberattacks frequently make the news, we all understand the importance of data security. Using the latest cyber protection protocols, our ECS/PlantDataManagement system safely and securely connects to, collects, and stores your data. So you don’t have to worry.

The foundation for Industry 4.0

“PDMv9 provides the strongest foundation yet for delivery of Industry 4.0 goals,” concluded Dinesh S. “With its range of new capabilities and features, it provides companies with the most powerful support yet for smarter, data-driven decision making that raises productivity, boosts the bottom line, and reduces environment impact.”