ECS/ProcessExpert v8 - Daily Use and Maintenance

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  • Make sure your FLSmidth ECS/ProcessExpert system is working to maximize plant process stability and productivity.
  • Based on state-of-the-art process optimization and artificial intelligence technologies, ECS/ProcessExpert v8 is FLSmidth’s software solution to improving plant operational stability, productivity, and sustainability.
  • This course provides the necessary information to plant engineers to become familiar with, use, and maintain the ECS/ProcessExpert v8 system.Understand the principles behind an expert control system, be able to carry out routine maintenance tasks, and make basic changes as necessary to optimize your system process and operation.
  • Training for this course includes training on simulated virtual machines such that participants will actively use and practice on a system that looks and works like the actual ProcessExpert v8 platform.
  • (The online short course version is an abbreviated training of the full 40- hour PXP in-person workshop seminar.)

ECS/ProcessExpert v8 - Daily Use and Maintenance

Course-Nr: US24-001

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Topics covered in this course:

  • This course will enable engineers to maintain, troubleshoot, and fine tune the ProcessExpert (PXP) System
  • Participant will learn the PxP architecture and will train on a simulated virtual machine interface with actual use case exercises§Key maintenance tasks will be covered, including troubleshooting, backup and restoration​
  • The course will focus on PXP tuning to run specific equipment (kiln, calciner, clinker cooler, and ball and vertical mills)

Topics Covered:

  • User interfaces
  • Decision trees
  • Prediction plots
  • Trends and trend setup
  • Model Predictive Control (MPC)
  • Transitioning the operation from without PXP to with PXP
  • Editing (components, decision trees, controllers)
  • Settings and configuration
  • System troubleshooting




Automation, Production, Process and Instrumentation Engineers


ECS/ControlCenter Course OR Equivalent Experience


Online: 5 days x 4 hours/day
Denmark: 5 days x 8 hours/day
USA: 5 days x 8 hours/day




Denmark, Copenhagen
USA, PA, Allentown

registration fee

1700-2600 (USD)
2500 (EUR)


Your benefits from this course:

  • Understand the fundamentals of an expert control system and the ECS/ProcessExpert v8 platform
  • Gain firsthand training on a simulated virtual machine platform that looks and behaves the same as the system at your plant
  • Become familiar with the maintenance aspects, and the possibilities and limits of ProcessExpert v8
  • Be trained to carry out normal maintenance tasks, change and edit control strategies, and do minor changes in the MPC controller

Use the ECS/ProcessExpert system to optimize your plant processes:

  • Reduce energy consumption and emissions
  • Increase production
  • Improve product quality




1700 (USD)



Denmark, Copenhagen

2500 (EUR)



USA, PA, Allentown

2600 (USD)



Denmark, Copenhagen

2500 (EUR)

Payment for participation in the seminar is in advance. Cancellation: 0 - 30 days before = 100% of fee; 31-60 days before = 50% of fee; 61 days before = 0% of fee.
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