Kiln Maintenance

Kiln System Maintenance

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  • The purpose of the training is to give participants knowledge and understanding within specific maintenance areas for modern kilns. Enabling them the skills to perform diagnostic site measurements.

Upon completion of the course, the students should be able to:

  • Know and account for kiln root causes, symptoms and their maintenance theory
  • Execute important kiln diagnostic measurements
  • Evaluate, analyze and draw technical conclusions
  • Elaborate and describe relevant action plans for the kiln maintenance

Kiln System Maintenance

Course-Nr: DK24-011

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Topics covered in this course:

Maintenance understanding:

  • Maintenance philosophy in FLSmidth
  • Preventive Maintenance and condition monitoring

Kiln main components and maintenance:

  • Supports, thrusts, gear, drive, seals etc.

Kiln Root Causes theory

  • Root Cause Analysis approach
  • The 4 root cause failure analysis
  • Kiln axis
  • Kiln Shell Ovality
  • Kiln Crank
  • Axial Balance

Design and Installation of Rotax II kilns.

Maintenance of Rotax II Kilns.


Kiln Maintenance


Kiln maintenance engineers, kiln operators, process and production engineers


Some experience in kiln design, function and components and or failure symptoms in kilns are needed


Denmark: 2 days x 8 hours/day




Denmark, Copenhagen

registration fee

1800 (EUR)


Your benefits from this course:

  • Improved knowledge, new technical skills and developed capacity within the kiln system maintenance.
  • Participant will be able to understand the maintenance aspects of the kiln root causes. These benefits will help increase lifetime and availability of the kiln installation as well as well described, realistic maintenance action plans.



Denmark, Copenhagen

1800 (EUR)

Payment for participation in the seminar is in advance. Cancellation: 0 - 30 days before = 100% of fee; 31-60 days before = 50% of fee; 61 days before = 0% of fee.
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