Pfister Operation & Maintenance for F-Control

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Optimise your Pfister weighing system for accurate and reliable material dosing.

  • The remote online 4-day (4 hours / day) Pfister® Operations and Maintenance for F-Control™ seminar is designed to train the participants about the technology, and best practices for configuration, calibration and maintenance of the Pfister® rotor weighfeeder dosing system.
  • Pfister® rotor weighfeeders are used for many applications in material dosing, designed to deliver consistent and highly accurate feed rates. Whether it’s pulverized or alternative fuels, or fine-grained raw materials, variations in dosing can have a negative impact throughout the plant operation. This seminar is designed to help you enhance system reliability and availability to maintain consistent dosing.
  • The F-Control™ seminar focuses on the latest controller from FLSmidth Pfister®. The course offers classroom instruction from our FLSmidth Pfister® specialists and case studies based on different situations. Hands on sessions with our simulation kits are included to allow the participants practical experience in a controlled environment where they can improve troubleshooting skills.
  • Maintenance training is focused on routine preventative inspections and basic maintenance tasks to minimise downtime. It also offers the participants troubleshooting techniques to quickly identify and fix problems.
  • Beyond what you will learn about your Pfister® systems, this seminar provides excellent networking opportunities with our specialists as well as your counterparts from the industry.
  • In addition to the online training time, each participant will have one additional week of access to the simulated Virtual machine system for further practice.

Pfister Operation & Maintenance for F-Control

Course-Nr: US24-014

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Topics covered in this course:

This course offers a combination of theoretical instruction and examples plus hands on exercises for the controls.

Operations and Controls:

  • Function principles of rotor weighfeeders
  • Introduction to the different Pfister® controller types
  • Explanation of the functions of the Feeder Dosing Controller (FDC), Feeder Local Panel (FLP) and Feeder Process Interface (FPI)
  • Different methods to access the controller
  • Calibration of the rotor weighfeeder using FLP and Feeder Service Interface (FSI)
  • Message and error indication and troubleshooting
  • Parameter backup and restoring parameters
  • Integrating FDC to FLSmidth ECS control system
  • Equipment documentation handling and understanding


  • Introduction to the different Pfister® rotor weighfeeder models
  • Review main components and function
  • Wear parts and wear analysis
  • Disassembly of rotor and replacement
  • Maintenance requirements, short and long term
  • Running/walk-by inspection criteria
  • Stop inspection criteria
  • How to measure and set correct gap adjustment
  • Lubrication requirements and replacement
  • AutoGAP installation and function.
  • Mechanical troubleshooting
  • Spare parts management




Control systems engineers, Electrical maintenance engineers, Electrical technicians, Maintenance engineers, Maintenance technicians, Maintenance supervisors




Online: 4 days / 4 hours each day





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Your benefits from this course:

  • Set and maintain the rotor weighfeeder in optimal condition
  • Enhance system reliability and availability
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve problem solving capabilities
  • Drive correct reactions to control messages

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Payment for participation in the seminar is in advance. Cancellation: 0 - 30 days before = 100% of fee; 31-60 days before = 50% of fee; 61 days before = 0% of fee.
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