Product control solution

Product control solutionProduct control solution

A product control solution that's much more than a local control panel

Our ECS™ Product Control Solution helps you unleash the full potential of your FLSmidth equipment. It enables fast and flexible commissioning and allows for rapid trouble-shooting to reduce downtime while giving you all the benefits of a digital-ready system. It’s so much more than a local control panel.

What we offer

Fast, flexible control system software with OEM assurance

In today’s competitive operating environment, we know your business needs to manage its equipment as efficiently as possible. That means, using control system software that is fast, flexible and allows you to identify and solve problems. And, as we enter Industry 4.0, it means a solution that brings your operations into the digital world. The good news is our ECS Product Control Solution will do exactly that.

Product control solutionProduct control solution
What is it?
We’ve got more than 40 years’ experience in the field of automation and we’ve used that know-how to develop our product control software solution. Alongside many of the well-known features required for a machine control system, we’ve taken a number of features traditionally found at the plant level, including advanced trending, on-board historian and stoppage root cause search, and made them available for you at the equipment level. Unlike a traditional local control panel, our solution integrates seamlessly with OEM assurance, uses modern communication and is built on uniform engineering standards.
How can the ECS Product Control Solution help my business?
Commissioning new equipment involves extensive testing and troubleshooting. Our product control software solution gives your engineers the advanced tools and assistance they need to get the job done fast. And when faults occur, it is critical to establish the root cause as quickly as possible. That’s why our software solution provides tools that enable fast troubleshooting with less effort. These advanced features give operators easy, efficient access to comprehensive information so they can quickly identify the problem. With our solution, you’ll also be able to fully automate your FLSmidth equipment to ensure it operates at its full potential, and eliminating the risk of operator error. This will help increase your productivity while freeing your operators up for other roles. The result is a digital, connected control system software that’s fast, flexible, minimises downtime and helps your business run at its peak.
What FLSmidth equipment is it available with?
Our ECS Product Control Solution is the standard employed for most FLSmidth supplied mining and cement equipment. It is available with our ranges of crushers, grinding mills, coolers, stackers, vertical mills as well as many other products.

Key Benefits

A tailor-made control solution for your FLSmidth equipment


OEM solution

Our product control software solution has been made specifically for your FLSmidth equipment so you can be sure it offers the complete protection and functionalities you need to get the most out of your operations.

Faster commissioning

Our solution gives your engineers advanced tools to help with testing and troubleshooting during commissioning. That helps speed up installation and allows you to get your equipment working productively, as quickly as possible. And because some components of the control hardware and software come pre-installed in FLSmidth equipment, wiring and installation efforts can be reduced by up to 70 per cent.

Rapid troubleshooting

When your equipment fails, you need to identify the cause of the problem, fast. We’ve equipped our product control solution with advanced features taken straight from our ECS/ControlCenter Software Platform to ensure your engineers can find faults quickly and easily, allowing you to get your operations back online sooner. With our solution, you’ll have exclusive access to FLSmidth’s team of expert support staff, who will be available 24/7 to assist with any troubleshooting.

Flexible applications

Our ECS Product Control Solution is specially designed to be flexible to your business needs. It can be easily integrated with numerous other systems to adapt to the individual configuration of your project and is compatible with the major PLC manufacturers. This hardware independence makes it much easier to upgrade systems in the future as you won’t be dependent on one supplier.

Digital ready

With our ECS Product Control Solution, you’ll have access to all of our remote support capabilities and digital data analytics services to take the performance of your machine to the next level.
Product Features
A control solution packed with advanced features for your equipment.

With our ECS Product Control Solution, you’re getting so much more than a local control panel. We’ve built it to include many of the features of a full control system, with the support and knowledge of our engineers and decades of experience.

The tools to act quickly
We’ve given you the tools you need to find faults quickly. Your operators will have quick access to comprehensive information like diagnostics and operation instructions to help them identify the problem and take action.
Industry best practices
Our solution follows industry best practices to deliver a product that is standards compliant and consistent.
Backed by FLSmidth know-how
We’ve used the extensive knowledge of our engineers, field experience and feedback from operators to build the best software possible. What’s more, we’ve taken a proven and reliable design and reused all the knowledge possible to ensure we can meet your operational needs.
Easy to implement
Our software solution is factory programmed and requires only minor configuration and installation on site, which allows you to commission equipment more quickly. We’ve also tested it to comply with all requirements and reduce the risk of damaging equipment.
Easy to maintain
We’ve built the ECS Product Control Solution to be easily maintained, read and understood so your team can take full ownership and control. Of course you’ll also have access to remote programming assistance from our experts to help with any modifications required by the product.