MAAG® GEAR PPU / Temperex Gear Unit

MAAG® GEAR PPU / Temperex Gear UnitMAAG® GEAR PPU / Temperex Gear Unit

Sturdy, compact gear unit delivers long-lasting industrial performance

With applications in a variety of industries, our MAAG® GEAR PPU / Temperex Gear Unit reliably drives conveyors – and delivers modular functionality that is tailor-made for your plant. The 2013 PPU re-design makes this modern classic an even better fit – ensuring high performance in a lighter, smaller package.

what we offer

Reliable heavy-duty drive with a gear unit tailor-made for your plan

Our MAAG® GEAR PPU / Temperex Gear Unit delivers high-performance torque transmission with a variety of types, sizes and ratios. In situations where the ratio of our classic PPU Gear Unit might be too small for your application, we combine it with our MAAG® GEAR Temperex Gearbox – addressing your precise industrial gear requirements and providing a long-lasting, reliable solution.

MAAG® GEAR PPU / Temperex Gear UnitMAAG® GEAR PPU / Temperex Gear Unit
Standardisation takes these gear units farther
With high part standardisation, our MAAG® GEAR PPU Gear Unit makes it easier for you to have spare parts on hand and lowers the cost and complexity of servicing. For example, the PPU Gear Unit uses just five types of antifriction bearings, instead of up to eight as with other gearboxes in the same application class. Our Temperex Gear Units are also standardised and modular – accommodating the widest possible range of requirements. The combination of these two classical gear units is the basis for our PPU / Temperex Gear Unit. Thanks to its modular design, our PPU / Temperex Gear Unit accommodates your needs rationally and economically in nearly every industrial situation. The flexibility of the PPU / Temperex Gear Unit lets you optimise it to suit your application and unique circumstances, adapting to the power you require, as well as the speed of your motor and driven equipment. And the high standardisation of these gear units means that any desired ratio adjustments have no impact on delivery times.
In-house gear unit expertise
We have deep experience developing industrial gears and use state-of-the art design processes that apply the newest calculation methods through advanced computer techniques. Our highly-trained engineers and machine operators employ engineering programs and computer software to design and precisely manufacture durable components. Using the latest developments in heat-treatment and teeth machining, we produce long-lasting, well-fitting components that contribute to the reliability of our gear units. Our precise machines and strict control process ensure high-quality rotors and casings. With our advanced manufacturing processes and in-house know-how, we guarantee that our technical assumptions are met every time – and give you gear units with silent operation, high efficiency and unmatched value.

Key Benefits

Modular gear unit for high flexibility and reliable efficiency


Remarkable performance in a smaller and lighter design

The compact, modular design of our MAAG® GEAR PPU / Temperex Gear Unit gives you greater flexibility in terms of configuration and use in a range of applications. The lighter, smaller design also simplifies transport and reduces assembly time.

Highly customisable industrial gear unit

The modular nature of our MAAG® GEAR Temperex range makes it simple to get the exact configuration you need. Our PPU / Temperex Gear Units are customisable for the requirements of your specific application – providing you made-to-order performance.

Longevity from quality materials and manufacturing

Using the latest machines and manufacturing processes, we ensure all parts are fit-for-use and free from defects. The toothed components are produced in-house to the strictest quality standards, using case-hardened and heat-treated steel. This in-house heat treatment gives us complete control over the hardening processes and material properties – giving you confidence in the MAAG® GEAR PPU / Temperex Gear Unit and its components.

Minimal maintenance with standardised parts

The high part standardisation of our MAAG® GEAR PPU / Temperex Gear Units simplifies servicing – lowering your maintenance costs. We also ensure the standardised parts are readily available throughout the life of the unit. A range of user-friendly features like dust and contamination protection for roller bearings in the MAAG® GEAR Temperex range, further limit the potential for downtime.
Product Features
Drive your heavy-duty application with our adaptable gear unit

The ideal solution for a wide range of industrial applications, our MAAG® GEAR PPU / Temperex Gear Unit combines the planetary stages of the classic PPU Gearbox with the adaptable Temperex Gear Unit taking the place of the standard entry stage.

Well-made for stability and reliability
The gears in our MAAG® GEAR PPU / Temperex Gear Units are case-hardened and ground on precision machines – ensuring optimal tooth contact and long reliability. Our Temperex range has chrome-nickel molybdenum steel gears, with the spiral conical gear profiles for bevel sets hard cut in our modern multi-axis milling centres after heat treatment. The durable shafts used in the Temperex Gear Units are made of high-quality quenched and tempered alloy steel. Our PPU / Temerex Gear Unit combines all product features of the two basic designs. With the Temerex input stage we can deliver overall gear ratios up to 300. The orientation of the input shaft is likewise longitudinal or orthogonal to the output axis. The main gearbox build on PPU standard has options for a base-mounted foot or torque arm. In keeping with your needs, the output shaft of the main gearbox can be either a hollow shaft for use in shrink disc applications, or a square shaft for use with low-speed coupling.
Long-life bearings and lubrication system
Like all our industrial gear units, the bearings in our PPU / Temperex Gear Units have a lifetime in excess of 100,000 operating hours. The bearings of the entry stage are also covered and protected against dust and other possible contaminations, through a combination of lip and labyrinth seals that are designed for mineral lube oils. Using the same lubrication system concept as the PPU and Temperex Gearbox, the casing of the PPU / Temperex Gear Unit serves as an oil circulation tank, decreasing complexity and ensuring that the gear unit is as compact as possible.
Beyond a basic condition monitoring system
All of our gear units are equipped with unparalleled condition monitoring sensors. Normally, these types of sensors keep an eye on critical operating parameters like bearing temperatures, casing vibrations, etc. and trigger a mill shutdown in the case of exceedances. Our condition monitoring system does much more. It lets you set up condition-based preventive maintenance that uses continuous monitoring and data analysis to detect wear and tear at an early stage. With this enhanced information, we help you plan maintenance and servicing in advance – reducing downtime and keeping your plant running smoothly.



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